Monday, July 10, 2017

New Pals

We've met a couple more new pals.  We always enjoy meeting some paw new.  First there is Bear a Malamute-German Shepard mix.  When Dad first saw him, he thought of Johnny Quest's dog Bandit.  Bear is much bigger than Bandit.  Bear is about three months old and is almost as big as Gemini.  He will be a huge dog.  Bear is bouncy fun loving pup.  He took a liking to Dad right away.  Wonder Woman is a Golden Retriever pup.  She is active just like Bear.  Gemini taught Bear how to drape the front paws over the bench.  It made us all chuckle.  and Bear.  They are quite a two-some.  Wonder Woman is a Golden Retriever that 
Wonder Woman
Sherman, Gemini (black patch), Wonder Woman and Bear
Bear, Sherman and Wonder Woman Plan Their Next Move
Bear and Gemini
Diesel is another dog that came to the park that day.  He is a muscular dog and can't move very fast.  He reminded Dad of a body builder.
Dog Speed,

Gemini and Sherman


Collie222 said...

Bear is adorable! Hopefully he will stay sweet, since it looks like he is going to be huge!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Well, I can see that someone saw the new Wonder Woman movie at the theatre. Just hope the new doggie came with golden paw bracelets to deflect bullets! BOL ;-) Bear is gonna b a brute when he gets older. Post pics when he's 6 months old. It'd b interesting to see how big he's really gonna get!

Charliedownunder said...

G'day ..... my name's Charlie and I come from the land downunder. All things collie sent me over to say g'day so here I am. I sure hope we can be friends. It looks as if you made some new friends at the park today too.

Brian said...

I saw you over at All Things Collie too and just wanted to stop by and drop of a howdy!