Thursday, October 11, 2018

Two Sighs Of Relief. One To Go.

Dad has three chums that live in the Panhandle of Florida.  He has heard from two of them, and is waiting to hear from the third.  

His first pal worked with him before Dad had collies.  He replied back to Dad that his family had moved to England back in June.  Dad forgot, but was very happy, when he read that email.  

The second one is the Mom of Gracie and Loki.  When Dad got back from Angel Paws, the light was blinking on the answering machine.  It was their Mom.  Her Pack is okay, but their home isn't.  During the storm a tree fell and they had to escape to their neighbors house.  The important thing is that every paw is okay.  Their Mom knew Essex and Deacon, and met me when I was only a pup.  She hasn't met Gemini yet though.  
April 2015 - Sherman, Gracie, Loki and Dog Mom
October 2014 - Sherman Gives A  Great Big Collie Kiss
October 2011 - Can You Believe She Gave Me Wings??
November 2008 - Lady I, Deacon, Essex & Lady II
Dad is still waiting to hear from Angel Dog Sasha's mom.  Sasha's Mom knew Essex and Deacon very well.  Dad knows it will take awhile before power and phone will come back on line.  A big Herricane like Michael can really mess things up.  
February 2007 - Sasha and Dog Mom
Having all three packs safe would put Dad in a good mood.  It might even result in us getting some extra treats.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Paw Ssss - Sherman's paw is all better and he is doing fine.


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Glad Sherm's paw is all better. That hurricane was/is a doozy. Up here in Ohio, we're having winds caused by it and a cold front compressing the pressure gradient that causes the winds to blow. Liked the pics, remember those being posted on previous blogs of the past. Glad 2 of the 3 FL Panhandle parties reported in to u, but the 3rd is worrisome. I've met 2 of the 3 ppl and their doggies u mentioned while visiting u a few yrs back. So it's a bit personal to me cuz I've actually met them, talked with them, etc. Sure hope the third pack is ok. Prayers for their safety.

Brian said...

I sure hope you hear an all well from your missing friends soon. I am glad Sherman is doing good!

Dawn said...

I hope you have heard from your third friend by now!!