Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Review

We want to wish all a barky New Year. Hope everyone had a pawtastic time bringing in 2008, the Year of the Rat. We have met a lot of pawtastic friends in cyber-paw space and found some relatives in too. We especially appreciate the frequent contact from our friends Tosca; Opie & Gomer; Charlie & Orable; Jake and Just Harry; Pacco; Bella, Eddie, Peaches; Tatum, Floss & Jez; and the Zoo (feline friends). There were a lot of other visitors, who barked at us once or twice. We hope they continue visiting us and take the time to leave their paw print behind in our guest book. Now for the Key West Collies the year in review 2007.

Anderson, Indiana - Lassie saves family

8 March – A collie named Lassie died saving her family from a fire.

19 March – Man tells us the story about Holly the Collie. We posts this several months later and still get misty eyed reading it.
30 May – We contact our shirt tail cousin Tosca after reading her post “Lassie is a Boy Dog in Drag.”
10 June – Our first post.
17 June – Opy welcomes us to Dog With Blogs.
29 June – Two Collies, Duff and Shelly sign guest book.
17 July – Michael Vick indicted.
21 July – First contact with Great (Great) Uncle Bobby.
23 July – We find cousins Mackie and Kyrie while surfing the web. A third collie, Kerby lives with Kyrie.
23 July – Our good Collie friends Hattie & Cassi sign guest book
14 August – We post a story about our two Collie friends living in Key West, Lady 1 and Lady 2.
22 September - 15 October – Ohio Road Trip.
23 September – Deacon meets Dad’s sisters dog Clyde
27 September – We meet Cassi and Hatti
30 September – We meet Lady, another Ohio Collie, at home of Cassi and Hatti during “Five Collie Sunday”
30 September – Deacon meets another Collie, Hans. Essex first met Hans in June 2004.
11 October – We meet Dad’s niece’s family and their Golden Retriever, Daisy Mae
3 November – 50th Anniversary of first in space, a dog named Laika.
7 November – Our friend PJ is attacked at the Dog Park. PJ is doing well.
8 November – Cousin Howie contacts us
11 November – Opie and Gomer give us “The I Like This Blog Award”
8 December – A smooth collie named Tatum finds us.
22 December – Deacon first dog mom sends us a Essexmas card and puppy pictures.
31 December – We do our 59th and last post of the year.

To all our readers, Dog Speed and may the Great Dane watch over you always.

Essex & Deacon


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey KWCs,

I just thought you should know that I got a turkey neck for christmas! And some gizzardy pieces.

Health, Happiness and Prosperity in the new year.

M-the-V (you can call me MTV if you want)

TAPhillips said...

A barkamendous New Year to our favorite dogs in Key West! It's like below zero degrees here today and dogmom thinks a trip south is in order. Can we come to your house till the snow melts?

Wuf Ya! - Gomer & Opie

Floss & Jez said...

Hello we are back :)