Sunday, December 23, 2007

Deacon's Surprise

I got a surprise in the card in the mail yesterday. The smells were strangely familiar and my tail started to swish. Dad opens the envelope and more familiar scents come to me. The card was from my first Dog Mom, Carol, who had reluctantly returned me to Holmhaven. Dad had sent her an Essexmas card, without telling me. Dad had thought about Pudgy and how he always wondered about his five-scent dog when Pudgy went to a new home.

They card had made them very happy. Carol explained how hard it was to let me go; and that she upset and worried about if I would find a good home. When she saw my smiling face on the card with Auntie Essex, she was ecstatic. Dad got two puppy pictures and Carol said “You can see the same dark marking on his baby nose and the same eager, intelligent gaze.” I started blush when she commented that I had grown up to be such a handsome and happy Collie.

I was over joyed to find out that “Annie,” an older “less-active” female collie had adopted Carol and her Mother. Annie was picked up by Animal Control, while trying to find them. They needed a calmer collie, not somebody as playful and jumpy as me. I’m sure glad Annie found them, because they are grrrreat people. Oh, I still get jumpy when I get really excited. Dad has to calm me down when I first meet hoomans sometimes.

Those smells, the card and the pictures were an excellent Essexmas present for me. The pictures were Polaroid pictures during October 2006 and didn’t scan real well. You can make me out though.

Merry Essexmas cyber-paw pals,


Trying to carve my pumpkin

Leaf herding job complete.

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Dakota said...

Very cool! We visit your blog often, and haven't barked back yet, so I thought today we would to wish you a.........

Merry Christmas!

Dakota and The Mom