Monday, December 10, 2007

One Year with Deacon

Dear Great Great Nephew Deacon,

I hope you had fun celebrating your one year anniversary living with Essex and Dog Dad. I can tell you really are enjoying yourself.

My family takes good care of me. The following pictures are of me in the family SUV. My Dog Mom and Dad put my electric bed inside to keep me warm and hand fed me. As Rocket would bark, “Life is Good.”

Great Great Uncle Bobby (AKA Holmhaven Bobbing Brown Beau)

Great Great Uncle Bobby taking a nap

Bobby catching some Zzzzzs.

Dear Great Great Uncle Bobby,

Yes it has been a whole year since I came here. When I arrived I was three pounds lighter than Essex. Now I outweigh her by 30 lbs. She is still the boss though. We get along fine and play from time to time. Dog Dad loves watching us play. I get along well with both the small dogs and the big dogs at Angel Paws.

I was named Deacon because my Hooman Grand Paw drove around a chaplan during WW II in Europe. I remind Dad of family, home in Ohio, and the stories his father told him. Grand Paw is really nice and loves all of us.

I feel so lucky that I chose to live with Auntie Essex. I remember being at Holmhaven and in walks a nice guy and a frisky female collie. I warmed right up to the two of them. My Dad Buddy was so happy to see his sister Essex and told me to mind Auntie Essex. It felt so right to be with them. I love going Angel Paws, playing with the other dogs there and chilling out with Dog Dad.

Me at Holmhaven

December 2006, chilling with Essex

All grown and bigger than Essex

A Smooth Collie named Tatum contacted us yesterday. She is sable and white like me and lives in Utah. We mentioned Dogs With Blogs and our Collie friends there. She liked meeting Tosca. Those smoothies sure are cute looking. Tatum will make a fine new cyber-paw friend.

Our newest friend Tatum.

Dog Speed,



PerfectTosca said...

Deacon Sweetie, I hope you have had a good year and have MANY more good years with Essex and Uncle Joe. They are both really good guys and you are very very cute. Anniversary kisses to you, right on your nose!

Jake of Florida said...

Deacon, you were adorable a year ago, but now you are one handsome dog!

Enjoy the holidays!!

Your pals,

Jake and Just Harry

(Mom and Dogdad send good wishes too.)

Tatum Tot said...

Hey That's ME! Thanks for putting my picture on your blog too. :)

And boy oh boy snuggled in the blanket looks so warm and cozy.

And Deacon you are very handsome!

Orable & Charlie said...

Hello, Collies! I certainly enjoy reading about your big and loving family, Deacon and Essex - Isn't it great to have a puppy friend; one you can tell all your secrets to, because we all know that, adorable though they might be, humans aren't really that bright, and rarely understand what we're trying to tell them! Happy Anniversary!

And a big welcome to the newest Collie on the blog, Tatum! (I'll have to visit her blog!)

Licks & Slobbers