Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Essexmas at Our House

Well, cyber-paw pals it is almost 25 December, Essexmas. I can’t wait to see what kind of treats I get. Dad used to get stuffed toys, but neither of us plays with them. Not even duck toys that go quack. Deacon did defeet a duck toy once though. Dad tends to get treats and bones because we don't play with toys.

We wanted to share our picture by the Essexmas tree. Here we are with our Essexmas hats and looking angelic. On the top of our tree is a collie holding the name Essex in honor of the Holiday. If you look closely the tree has a flock of dog angels representing our various dog friends and one cat representing our good cat friend Rosie. We have other ornaments with Santa Paws with various dogs and other critters.

To all our relatives, friends and cyber-paw pals, a very Merry Essexmas and may the Great Dane guide your paw in the coming year.

Essex & Deacon

Deacon & Essex pose in front of the tree

Look at the name, it says Essex

A tree full of dog angels

An ornament of a dog greeting Santa Paws

Two more Santa Paws ornaments

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Orable & Charlie said...

How wonderful - your very own Christmas tree - you'll have to make paw prints that lead to it from the fireplace! Very clever of you to make it so small, to fit all of those prezzies underneath!!!

Happy, tail-waggily Christmas, and may all your Puppy Dreams come true!

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