Thursday, December 13, 2007

Annual Vet Visit

Hello cyber-paw pals. I passed my annual check up with flying colors. Vet commented what good shape we were in. We barked of course we are in good shape - Dad lives at the Dog Park. I did loose weight going from 78 lbs to 71 lbs. Dad can't figure that out.

Essex gained 5 lbs as she now weighs 53 lbs. Then of course fence patrol season has been slow. Dad had noted little white specks in our feces and the vet gave him pills to kill Mr. Worm. Deacon tested negative for worms. Our question is how do you get worms, if you don't drink tequila? The nice part about visiting the vets is getting a treat and all the people at the vets office stroking our egos.

Next it was off to Angel Paws. Running, playing and chasing. We love going to Angel Paws and Dad loves talking to folks there.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Orable & Charlie said...

eeeeech! the VET! That word sends chills down my spine!


Tatum Tot said...

yeah what is it with that worm in the Tequila! I want it out! I'm glad you are healthy. :)

PerfectTosca said...

Nice job on your checkups, cousins! Way to go! I don't do that again till May. My vet is pretty cool though. He likes me. Says I am pretty, which of course it true.

Yeah yeah the Worms. I never get any but the cats got the tapeworms when that pesky little $nack brought in the fleas.

TAPhillips said...

Hmmm... so Essex gained and Deacon lost pounds... we thinks that Essex is stealing Deacon's food when dogdad isn't looking. (I, Gomer, used to do that to Opie if dogmom wasn't watching. Opie weighed 48 pounds and I weighed 72 pounds before dogmom noticed...)

We don't like those wormey guys at our house.
tee hee
Wuf Ya!
Gomey and Opie