Saturday, July 28, 2007

Relatives in Cyber Paw Space

Cyber-paw-space is great. First we meet our shirt tail cousin the perfect Tosca living in New York. Tosca convinces us to start a blog site and is right now in the first hour of her perfect blogathon. Five collies have signed our guest book within two months. Best of all, Great Uncle Bobby (Deacon’s Great-Great Uncle) e-barks us from Kansas. Then we find two close cousins living in Colorado and Wisconsin. We think the Great Dane had a paw in this.

Great Uncle Bobby with his new wheels

Bobby with best friend Mac, June 2006

Great Uncle Bobby lives in Wichita but has lived in Louisiana and Phoenix, Arizona. Great Uncle Bobby is Grand Paw Jason's (Holmhaven King’s Gold) litter mate. They celebrated their 13th birthday on 18 April. Great Uncle Bobby picked a pawtastic couple that collies adore. First a pair of collies Honey and Sam from Houston, Texas picked them. Honey convinced the Great Dane they were worthy to adopt two boys to keep her company shortly after Sam passed away. Honey loved and mothered Great Uncle Bobby and his good friend Mac for two years before she was called over the rainbow bridge. Great Uncle Bobby and Mac really loved Kansas and roaming their six acre yard. When Mac passed away on 27 December 2006, Great Uncle Bobby decided to see if there was any family in cyber-paw-space. He found our blog and e-barked us. I asked Great Uncle Bobby if he chased a lot of golf carts and bicycles, he said “No, I had rabbits and deer to chase here." When Great Uncle Bobby started having problems getting around his loving Dog Mom and Dad went to Doggon’ Wheels ( and now has his own wheels.

Bobby testing his new wheels

Eating out in the back yard.

Then in a second astonishing event we found our cousin Kyrie, who has told us about cousin Mackie. Kyrie was born on 06 July 2006 and Mackie on 13 February 2005. Those two and Deacon are really close cousins. All four of us have Great Grand Paw Jason in our pedigree. Kyrie is a sweet, smart wonderful collie and lives with a collie puppy named Kerby. She loves belly rubs, licking Dog Mom's and Dad’s ears, and lives near Denver, Colorado. Kyrie human Mom’s parents live in Wisconsin and have had the honor of being chosen by a large number of collies over the years. Currently, Mackie is being taught the ropes by twelve year old Monty. When Kyrie found out that Mackie was her first cousins, she almost bit her foot off. When they found out about us they barked for joy.

Cousins Mackie (left) and Kyrie (right)

Gee our cousins sure look like Essex

By the Great Dane this is exciting. Our blog is not even two months old and we’ve met ten collies in cyber paw space and four of them are our relatives. Life is pawtastic.

Dog Speed,

Essex and Deacon.


PerfectTosca said...

Woot! Thanks for the plug, Cuz's. Wow are they my relatives too? Or just yours!!!????


Tosca, Mackie is a shirt tail cousin. We can't tell if Kyrie and Great Great Uncle Bobby are related from the info we have.
Dog Speed - Deacon