Sunday, July 29, 2007

Any More Relatives?

Are there any other relatives out there?

We've had this blog for two months and know of five relatives in Cyber-Paw-Space. So we decided to put our pedigree’s out there just in case some more relatives are sniffing around for us. Holmhaven Collies must be well respected and loved.

That's me Essex on the right. I am the head turning female tricolor collie. I’ve been with Dog Dad for over three years. He swears I kept him sane after Hurricane Wilma. I've been through a lot with him and I look out for him. The handsome sable collie is my nephew Deacon, who keeps calling me Auntie Essex. My brother Buddy is his sire. Dad can’t understand how we are related because I’m reserved with people and Deacon wants to meet everybody he sees.

On our recent visit to the vet, I weighed a svelte 48 lbs, while Deacon was 77 lbs. We both get a lot of exercise at the dog park and walks. I keep Deacon in line and act as Dad's right paw dog. If Deacon does something wrong, I bounce him. By the Great Dane, sometimes I bounce him just so he remembers who is in charge.

We hope everyone enjoys our tails. We love e-barking with humans, dogs, cats and other critters. We especially enjoy finding relatives in cyber-paw-space, so our pedigrees are below.

Essex's Pedigree Above - Double Click to view
Deacon's Pedigree Below

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon


Jake of Florida said...

Gee whiz, we don't have pawdegrees --although I guess we do have ancestors -- so we were very very intrigued that you can trace your origins back so far. I guess that explains why you are such good-looking guys.

Our dogdad had a collie when he was growing up, so he was happy to see you all -- and just think, you're only a romp up or down US 1 away.

Do check back and read our Wilma post. Paws crossed that we don't have another visitor like her (or worse)again this year.

Jake and Just Harry

Eddie N Peaches said...

Oh Essex. You and Deacon are so barooootiful. We think our Momma would go hayfeverwire with all the hair around, though. Eddie has to get shaved when he gets too fluffy cuz Momma starts being sick.
Whoofs & Baroos,

TAPhillips said...

Hi everydog! Thanks for wishing me a happy adoption day!
Wuf Ya - Opie at DogsAyeView