Thursday, July 12, 2007

Deacon's First Birthday

I wake up this morning and I'm thinking Dad and Auntie Essex have gone loopy on me. Dad is calling me the birthday dog and singing happy birthday to me. I'm like totally confused, but hey I'm a dog.

We go for our morning walk and I get to stay longer to sniff. Believe it or not, I get some extra sharp cheddar cheese without doing any tricks. I'm thinking this rocks. I get on the computer and see the Perfect One, Tosca is wishing me Happy Birthday. Aroooooooo.

Yea, Dad made me and Essex wear Scooby Doo hats and sit in front of a Clifford Big Red Birthday balloon, but I would do far more for some cheeeeseee. All of a sudden Dad gives me a new toy, it has a green thing at the end and is on a rope. Then there are Greenies, a couple dinosaur nylabone treats, a large container of Al's Grill Hamburger treats and a huge bone. I'm barking to myself, Deacon you are da dog. After that we spent two hours at the dog park. Then my dog Mom and Dad say hi and sign my guestbook. What a Pawtastic day.

Do you think I can convince Dad that a dog has seven birthdays every year? Below are some pictures of me and Essex.

My Birthday Really?????

Deacon & Essex paws for a moment

Oh yea, I am the da dog

Wahooo, a bone. Wahooo.

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