Saturday, July 14, 2007

Guardian Dog Angel - Foxy

Foxy at Home in the Keys

Foxy was a wise fourteen year old collie when I was just a pup. In case you don’t remember, Foxy was the Great Dane’s envoy to see if Dad was ready for a dog. Deacon found Foxy’s report in the howled archives stating Dad was pawtastic collie material.

Foxy watched over Dad during October 2003. Her Mom and Dad had to be gone and wanted someone they could trust to watch her. They knew Dad was considering a dog, so they asked him to dog sit. Dad snapped that up quicker than I do a chunk of extra sharp cheddar cheese. While, Foxy taught Dad the way of the collie, I was whelped at Holmhaven Collies. Dad was happy he dog sat, and the Great Dane liked what he saw.

Foxy herds a young friend

Essex ponders Foxy's sage advice

Unfortunately, Foxy was called to cross the rainbow bridge on April 2004. My mentor was gone. Foxy was a sweet gentle soul; that loved everyone. Her tail was quick to wag and a cat named Trouble was her friend. She loved car rides, playing tag, ice cubes and cheese. She barked at people when they were leaving.

I howled at the moon for two days when Foxy crossed the rainbow bridge. There were so many questions about Dad and humans I wanted to ask. I know Foxy is watching over us as our guardian dog angel. Well, it is time to sign off because I hear Dad coming.

Dog speed,


Foxy hears something in the woods

Foxy, I miss you
Thanks for your advice

Foxy getting a bath.

I think she hated bath too.

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