Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohio Trip Report

We always enjoy our trips to Ohio. The first and last dog we see in Ohio has always been cousin Clyde in Cincinnati. He's not a Collie, but he belongs to Dad's sister. When we got there, we were hyper. After a night in a hotel room and 24 hours on the road, we had energy to power a small city. We chased and ran, then did it again. This must have went on for six hours straight. Clyde is sure fun. He is about the same age as Essex.

Clyde taking it easy

While in Ohio, Dad went to the Football Hall of fame in Ohio. They don't let dogs go, so he went with his nephews. The NFL has a number of teams named after felines, the Lions, Jaguars and Bengals. As for canines we have only the Cleveland Browns with the famous "Dog Pound." There were three NFL teams that folded that were named the Bulldogs. Those teams were in Canton, Cleveland and Boston. Three out of four were in Ohio, we wonder if Ohio is a more dog friendly state? We did find one thing that our Airedale friends will like. There was a team named the Oorang Indians in Marion, Ohio that was sponsored by Oorang Kennels. The owner promoted a new breed of hunting dog, the Airedale. At that time a prize Airedale was worth more than an NFL team. Any Airedale will tell you they are still worth more to their hoomans.

Football Hall - Airedales - Oorang Indians

No trip to the shores of Lake Eire are complete without visiting Hattie and Cassie on a daily basis. Those two are pawtastic. We even got to sleep over with them for two nights. Deacon had a blast, while Essex would look for Dad occasionally. When Dad came back, her tale was wagging. We chased, played tag and had lots of fun with our Collie Pals. There Dog Mom and Dad are pawsome in our books. Deacon spent a lot of time visiting their cat Chloe. I wonder if Chloe knows Mojo?

Cassie takes a breather.

Deacon and Essex playing

Deacon surrenders to Essex.

Two tired collies, Essex and Deacon.

We were happy to get back home and see Angel Paws Dog Park. We love our trips to Ohio, but the smells and sights of home always make our tales wag. I am sure the same is true for all of our cyber-paw friends.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Sparky said...

Essex, Deacon!

You two must have had a BLAST in Ohio! Did you really play for about 6 hours strait? You really did have a lot of energy to burn! I'm sure you both slept well after that.

I know what you mean, going away can be fun, but there's just no place like home! I love coming back to the parks I'm familiar with, too.


Anonymous said...

We're really glad you're back... but dogmom's sad that she didn't get to go to Ohio to see her human brothers and sisters and maybe meet up with you guys. She said something about having to go next week for our goddaughter's wedding. (well, her goddaughter's wedding). Maybe next time.

Wuf Ya!
Gomer & Opie

Tatum Tot said...

Wow that's a super long trip! The longest I ever been on was to denver and back and that was fun too, but I got tired and trotted through an agility course looking for my crate and the Mum said that wasn't so good and I shouldn't do that anymore, instead I should go to her but hoomans still kinda scare me but I love collies and this is a really long sentence! I'm glad you are back safe and sound! I love home the best, too.

Jake of Florida said...

Welcome home!!

Glad you collies are back home safely -- just in time for the fireworks, huh???

We've had lots of heavy rain -- but nothing like the storms that damaged your Grand Dog Dad's house in Ohio.

We've been thinking that hurricanes in some ways are a lot less scary than these storms and tornados and floods and fires that spring up without warning and last for days and days. What do you collies think?

Wirey woofs!!!

Jake and Just Harry


Woof, look at all that green stuff!!! We don't have alot of that here in Arizona
Desert pups here just saying woof and roaming the streets looking for new pals.

Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence