Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Missed the TV Crews

We made it safely back home on Friday, 20 June. Before we ever got home, Dad stopped by Angel Paws to let us run around. He knew we would be rambunctious unless we could let off some of that energy. Dog Dad was just to tired from the 29 hours of driving in three days and going through his mail to post that weekend. Then things got busy at work and home.

We just missed all the excitement and TV News crews by Grand Dog Dad's house in Ohio. A BIG STORM rolled through the area around 6:30 PM on Thursday, 26 June. The high winds broke a massive section of a huge maple tree next door. It smashed the neighbors front porch and dented the gutters on Grand Dog Dad's house. We barked at Dad, that we could have been stars on the TV. Dad growled back to be careful what we wish for.

We'll post some trip photos tomorrow. We thought this story and these pictures taken by our cat loving cousin were just to pawsome.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

A big tree limb in front of Grand Dog Dad's House
Look at that break.
The front yard
View from the front porch.
Grand Dog Dad talking with the neighbors
We think the neighbors from porch is history.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys..... oh my goodness i would have been really scared. I know storms over here are frightening and cause damage. Be careful guys.

lots of licks


Tatum Tot said...

Wow what a mess good thing no hoomans or doggers were hurt!