Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A couple days back our paw-pal Reilly made us fair dinkum honorary Aussies. We take those kinds of honors seriously. We could have asked Dog Dad about Australia, but he’s a Yank. So we talked to our two pals Kanga-Pup and Little Roo. They said to check out what Queenslanders call Peoples Day at the Ekka this 13 August.

Kanga-pup and Little Roo

Let's talk Ekka

We checked cyber-paw space and found out over 90,000 people showed up for the 132nd Royal Queensland Show in Brisbane. Ekka is a giant fair and from what we read it is absolutely pawsome. They even had a Greyhound Lounge. We found two pawtastic photo galleries, just click on the follow two links - Brisbane Times or Quest News. You can read about its origin at the following link

We were late because we forgot what Charlie told us many dog moons ago. It is always tomorrow in Australia, or was that is always yesterday in the states. Egads, we’re getting confused. Maybe a few more cans of Pawsters and Kennel Brew will get us unconfused.

"Hey we are out of Pawsters and Kennel Brew "

"Auntie hurry back with the Pawsters and Kennel Brew before Dad gets home. I'm thirsty"


Sparky said...

Essex, Deacon!

I'm thirsty too, could I have one as well? Hee hee.


Bree/Reilly said...

Tsk guys look a little sozzled there!!! mom says she was right, most the big dog shows in Australia are held in conjunction with the State shows. Mom use to go to the Royal Adelaide Show every year and the Royal Melbourne show. Mom also says to check your pawsters beer - it was probably either made in Canada or Kentucky. The only 'beer' mom drinks is Bunderberg Ginger Beer (which isn't a beer at all but is very good for upset stomachs) I tried it and the bubbles made me sneeze and sneeze!

Orable & Charlie said...

Those are quite a lot of cans of beer between two collies! You two look really stately, though, so you must not have had too much! (is that Kennel Brew a micro-brew?)

Even though I'm near the edge of the dateline in Sydney, you collies are way ahead of me. I've not been to Ekka; I haven't even been out of the city in 5 years (neither has my human). However, she is speaking at a conference in Brisbane in a month or two, but it is not a dog conference, or even a bone conference -I forget what it's about because it's not a very doggy thing, so I decided to stay home and sleep with the rest o the family!

licks & slobbers

steviewonder said...

Watch out for little Roo...I heard he's a firecracker when he's been on a bender drinking Aussie brew all night! :-)

Jake of Florida said...

We were wondering what Ekka was -- looks like you collies have had an in-depth lesson!! Hic!!.

Jake and Just Harry

Pacco de Mongrel said...

so u guys actually went to ekka?...

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

We'll have a Fosters, too! With a whiskey back ...