Friday, May 1, 2009

1 MAY 2009

1948 - GrandMaw, GrandPaw and the Chaplain

Today would have been GrandPaw and GrandMaw, 61st wedding anniversary. They got married in St. Louis with the Chaplain GrandPaw served with during WW II in Europe. Dog Dad sure hopes that GrandPaw is thinking about all the good times the two of them had together. He knows GrandPaw thinks about her a lot. We will say that a lot of them went into making Dog Dad who he is and they did a pawsome job. Dad misses GrandMaw’s wise words and wish GrandPaw was doing better, but as Dad would say it is what it is.

The bath room is coming along. Thank dogness the loud noises are mostly gone. We were missing our doggy naps. We snuck in yesterday and took these pictures. There was a big hole (we wonder if China is down there) but it got filled up and concreted. They anticipate finishing this bathroom this weekend. Then work will start on the second bathroom.

The big hole. Howl-low anyone down there?
We wonder if Lassie does home improvement?
The hole is patched up.
We are looking forward to the virtual trip to Salzburg. Do you think that means Salty Burger? Now that would be pawtastic place to celebrate and party. We’ll bark at everyone more tomorrow.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

That is agreat picture. I am sure grandad misses gramma. So many years together. Ours grandpawrents had 56 before graddaddy went to the bridge. World War II newlyweds. We hope grandpa is feeling well. We keep him in our prayers.
See y'all in Salzburg!

Jake of Florida said...

No matter how much time goes by, those dates stay poignant in our memories forever.

Please tell your grandpaw that he has lots of four-legged and two-legged friends he's never met who wish him well and are thinking about him on this special -- if bittersweet -- day!!

How cool that you're traveling by Greyhound. How even cooler that they agreed to make a detour and drop you off at our house!!!

(We wonder if the bus makes the same noise as our much-heard, much-barked-at UPS truck!!!)

Your pals,

Jake and Just Harry

Josh and Jess said...

Such a beautiful picture. Your grandpaw must miss your grandmaw very much. Tell him we're thinking of him on his special day.

Josh and Jess

Kess And Her Mama said...

It's a beautiful picture and a wonderful tribute to your grandparents!

You still have 1 more bathroom to see if you can reach China from there;-)

Nat said...

What a nice photo, and I bet nice memories too! :)

Wow, that is one big hole. I would love to explore in it.

Woofs and nose nudges,

with love, Madison said...

Hi, guys! H-Mom is writing her first column for and wants to know if she can put in a link to your blog! The article is called "internet links dog lovers locally and globally" and she talks about dogs with blogs a bit ... let her know ... ... thanks!

Mack said...

That is a wonderful pic of your gwamma and gwampa.

We are fixing to do some remodeling at our houe too. Something about some dogs totally wrecking the carpet....