Sunday, May 24, 2009

You Don't Know Collie

Are you up to challenge cyber paw pals?
Because we don't think you know collie.

The number 190 is significant today. So on this our 190th post, we decided to do something special. We decided to see how well every paw knew Collies. Keep track and let us know your score. If you graduated Some Dog Barks Loudly, you know Collie. We expect most of our readers will fall into watching Lassie reruns or studying. Just click and drag your mouse after the question and you will see the answers.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

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1) Author of the book Lad a Dog.
a Albert Payson Terhune ----------b Eric Mowbray Knight
c Jack London ----------------------d Dashiell Hammett
a – Terhune wrote lot of collie stories to include Lad a Dog, Hammet wrote The Thin Man

2) What was the coat color of Lad in the book?
a Blue Merle ---------------------- b Sable & White
c Tri-Color ------------------------ d White
b – Lad was sable & white just like Deacon.

3) Author of the book Lassie Come Home.
a Albert Payson Terhune -------- b Eric Mowbray Knight
c Jack London -------------------- d Frank Lloyd Wright
b – Eric Knight wrote the book Lassie Come Home in the 1940. The movie came out in 1943. Knight died in a plane crash in 1943 and never saw the finished movie.
4) In the book Lassie Come Home, what was the coat color of Lassie?
a Blue Merle --------------------- b Sable & White
c Tri-Color ----------------------- d White
c – Lassie was a tri-color in the book just like Essex. The illustrations are done as a sable & white, but the writing indicates a tri-color. In the movie and TV series Lassie is a sable & white.
5) In the movie Lassie Come Home, what was Lassie’s boy name
a Joe ---------------------------- b Rick
c Mark -------------------------- d Steve
a – Lassie’s boy in both the movie and the book is named Joe

6) The name of the actor that played Lassie’s Boy in the original 1943 movie Lassie Come Home.
a Jerry Mathers ---------------- b Jon Provost
c Roddy McDowall ------------- d Tommy Rettig
c – Roddy McDowall starred in the original movie. Jerry Mathers was the Beaver in “Leave it to Beaver.” Retting starred as 11 year old Jeff Miller in the TV series during 1954-57, while Provost was the adopted son of the Martin Family 57-64.
7) Actress that stared in the 1962 movie Lad a Dog.
a Angela Cartwright ------------ b Annette Funicello
c Brittany Spears --------------- d Elizabeth Taylor
a – Angela Cartwright starred in the movie Lad a Dog, who starred in the TV Series Lost in Space with June Lockheart. Elizabeth Taylor, co-starred with McDowall in Lassie Come Home.
8) The real name of the dog that played Lassie in the 1943 movie Lassie Come Home.
a Charlie ----------------------- b Laddie
c Lassie ------------------------ d Pal
d – Pal was the star in the early Lassie movie to include Lassie Come Home.

9 Which best describes the Lassie of movie and TV?
a A boy dog -------------------- b A boy dog, pretending to be a girl
c A girl dog --------------------- d A girl dog, pretending to be a boy
b - A boy dog, pretending to be a girl. Since the males were bigger and do not shed as frequently, that is what the producers went with.
10) Name the actors that played the original mom and dad in the TV Series Lassie.
a Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont
b Cloris Leachman and Jon Shepodd
c June Lockhart and Hugh Reilly
d Myrna Loy and William Powell
b – Leachman and Shepodd were the first Mom and Dad but starred in the role for only a year. Lockhart and Reilly made the role famous 58-64. Billingsley and Beaumont were the parents on Leave It to Beaver. Loy and Powell starred in the Thin Man movie series.
11) On TV Lassie’s boy, was named ________ Martin.
a Albert ----------------------- b Joe
c Marty ----------------------- d Timmy
d – Timmy Martin, played by Jon Provost, 1957-64

12) A Collie named “Reveille” is the mascot of what US college?
a Georgia --------------------- b Harvard
c Texas A & M ---------------- d Washington
c – Texas A & M is were Miss Reveille resides. We did a post on her in December 2008. Georgia and Harvard are the Bulldogs, while Washington is the Huskies.
13) In 1928 the Collie Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven, won “Best in Show” at Westminster. How old was he when he won?
a 9 Months ------------------- b 1 Year
c 3 Years --------------------- d 5 Years
a – 9 months, the only Collie to win and presently the youngest ever to finish "Best in Show" at Westminster.
14) President Johnson’s Collie Blanco was what type of Collie
a Blue Merle ----------------- b Sable & White
c Tri-Color ------------------- d White
d – Blanco, which means white in Spanish. He was given to the President and Mrs. Johnson in December 1963 by a little girl from Illinois. President Johnson used to shake paws with Blanco whenever he left or returned to the White House.
15) Number of Collies residing in the White House, while Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States.
a One ------------------------ b Two
c Three ---------------------- d Four
d – Four. The Coolidge White House was pet friendly. The four collies were: Rob Roy(white), Prudence Prim(white), Ruby Rough (brown), Bessie (yellow)
16) The name the two types of coats that collies have.
a Curly & Straight ------------ b Irish & Scottish
c Rough & Smooth ----------- d Ruff & Tuff
c – Rough & Smooth

17) Collies belong in which of these groups
a Herding -------------------- b Hounds
c Sporting ------------------- d Working
a - Herding

18) Collies may die if given heart worm medication that contains what?
a Invermectin --------------- b Monosodium Hyrdoxide Glutenate
c Sodium Chloride ---------- d Triglycerides
a – Invermectin. Many herding dogs are allergic to this heart worm medicine. From what we read about collies a third will die, a third will get extremely ill and a third will be fine. Dad don't like those odds.
19) Sunnybank is located in what State?
a California ----------------- b Florida
c New Jersey --------------- d Texas
c – New Jersey

20 Who was the English Royal made collies popular?
a Princess Dianne ---------- b Queen Elizabeth
c Queen Mary -------------- d Queen Victoria
d – Queen Victoria was born on 24 May 1819. She was the Queen of England for 63 years, 7 months. The first recorded collie classes occurred in 1859. In 1860 the Queen was visiting Scotland and fell in love with the Collie. Thus began the first collie fad. The Queens collies chose Balmoral Castle in Scotland for their residence. Today would have been Queen Victoria's 190th barkday and this is our 190th post. Wowsers, talk about stars in perfect alignment.
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In the early 70 the Holmhaven Collies and our breeder Mom Lil, were known for having:
a – An all collie drill team that performed to John Phillip Sousa music.
b – Saving a boy named Timmy, who had fallen down the well.
c – The Amazing Collies, a famed US agility team.
d – The singing collies, who barked “We wish you a Merry Christmas.
a - Lil and her Mom Inga had an all Collie Drill Team. They even performed at Sunnybank. We mentioned that in a November 2007 post.
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You have your score good. See were you rate below.

19-20 You graduated Some Dog Barks Loudly. Trefoil is proud.

16-18 You have seen the light and have joined the Collie’s Inner Circle.



11-15 We see you’ve been studying.

6-10 Honestly, you must be watching Lassie reruns on TV.

3- 5 Timmy is that you? Did you fall down in the well again?

1 - 2 You must be a cat. Cats are cool, but they don’t know dog.

0 We didn’t know fire hydrants could use a computer.


Anonymous said...

Of course dogmom had to help us on a couple since they were from way before we were pupped (or knew what television was)... but we got 18 right... almost highest score.

That's cuz we know some great collies online... have you met them?

Oh wait. You ARE them!
Wuf Ya!
Gomer & Opie

Orable said...

Hi Collies - That was marvellous, and fun; it brought back lots of happy memories! I just have one to add:

What was the name of the collie that president Coolidge said should be painted red for a portrait with the First Lady?

a. Barney b. Laddie c. Rob Roy d. Lochinvar

think furry thoughts!


Orable, we will answer c. Rob Roy. Rob Roy was one of their white collies, we know the other were not a Coolidge Collie.

We know Barney was Pres Bush's dog, and Laddie (Boy) was Pres Harding's Airedale that had his own chair in cabinet meetings. Lochinvar, we are not familiar with but would guess it has something to do with all that medevil literature you love.

Did you know the Coolidge's had at least 12 dogs and one was a Shetland Sheepdog name Calamity Jane.

Ludo van Doggy said...

hm, well, I only got 10.
But never mind, it beed fun to play!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh gee, I don't know all the answers! I am ashamed.

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

Josh and Jess said...

Oh-oh, shame on us :( But then, we have a good excuse: We're Shelties, not Collies, hehe.

Joey said...

Hi Essex and Deacon! Great quiz! Our mom got 7 right, all about the TV and movies. She has a couple of Whitman Lassie children's books from the mid-sixties and she loves reading them and looking at their covers. We've never seen the TV show, but our mom says it was one of the best shows ever.

See ya!

Mack said...

Okay we did REALLY bad!!

We only got 4! And the only reason we got the one about Revelie is cause our dad went to Texas A & M!

Jake of Florida said...

OK, we confess, we don't know collie!!!

We do know Timmy. And Mom did devour Albert Payson Terhune books when she was a young pup (several centuries ago, we guess). But that's not much of an edge, especially when young JH has a thing for Essex!!

So please forgive us -- at least we do know two beautiful collies named Essex and Deacon.

Jake and Just Harry

Questdriven said...

We scored 18. Mistress loves Collies, and has been reading about them for several years now.