Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

We guess the Collie Effect just wasn't strong enough.  We couldn't bark away that herricane.  The winds were not that strong but the waves and rain caused plenty of trouble for cyber-paw pals up north.  We hope that Skye is okay and are glad that Asta, Bailey and others survived Irene.  We are now watching Tropical Depression Twelve out in the Eastern Atlantic by Africa.  If you live in Florida, you watch the tropics this time of year.
** After we posted - we got an email from Skye, her pack is fine.** 
Sherman had a Great Vet Visit
Sherman had a vet visit.  He is doing fine and weighs 18 lbs.  He was a friendly little guy and all the staff at Lower Keys Animal Clinic love him.  Dog Dad was doing yard work that morning and came in and sat on the couch.  He woke up three minutes before our appointment.  Boy he moved so fast, Sherman didn't know what was going on.

On the canine front, Dogs With Blogs (DWB) is taking new members.  If you are an old member, you will need to visit them and register to be a member with the new DWB.  We became a member back in June 2007 as DWB member #506.  DWB had a total of 1395 members on the old blog list, before things came to a stop. 

We noted only seven Collies and fourteen Shelties on the blog list.  We'll concentrate on the collies.  The seven collie blogs were Cal (008), Tosca (233), Tara (288), Key West Collies (506), Tatum (743), Dreamer (819) and Islay (675).  Cal the first collie and lived in Frostbite Falls, MN.  His first post was in September 2004 and his last post on April 2008.  Tosca was the next DWB member and first posted in May 2006.  Tosca developed a huge following when she blogged a lot.  Since January 2009 Tosca has posted only five times though.  Tara started posting in April 2006 and posted this year.  Tara never was a prolific poster though.  Tatum is the only smooth collie in the old DWB blog list.  She started blogging around August 2007, and barks a lot about agility and collie rescues.  She is one of our good pals.  Then there was Dreamer, who blog life was short.  His  first posted in February 2008, posting six times in four months.  Islay took over the blog of one of our bestest pals, Charlie the Sheltie in September 2010.  We loved Charlie's blog, she was a grand old Sheltie Lady.  We hope Islay keeps posting because we love the stories he and his mum tell.  They are pawsome people.

We have since found other Collie blogs and two of them have registered as members on DWB.  They are D's Collies, Lady I and Lady II, who we know very well; and Shikota, that stars fellow Holmhaven Collies Shiloh and Dakota.
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Bailey said...

We certainly tried the barks, but nothing stopped the water. We are glad his appointment went so well. We have learned it is important to be popular with the staff.

Keep safe as the next one approaches.

Mack said...

Mom is always so glad when Hurricane season is over!!
Sherman is growing like a weed!

Reilly / Bree said...

It is so nice to get those vet visits out of the way and not to have any more ouchie needles in the butt for a few months. We joined the "new" dogs with blogs - it seems pretty much the same as the old one actually :)

Shikota said...

Dakota weighs 20lbs now! He's a little chub! Glad Irene missed all of us. We've heard some talk of the new one brewing out there.....paws are crossed that it turns away.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to know Sherman's vet visit went well!

Pippa said...

We knew Charlie and now Islay too. And we like reading their adventures as well. Misery Mistress was keeping up to date via that silly Facebook thing because she reads the DWB group sometimes. Asta did a good update on her bloggie too. I left messages for Skye because she is one of my bestest beautiful girlfriends and I was so pleased to hear that her and her pack were ok after their power had been cut.


Dawn said...

Wow! Sherman weighs almost as much as Katie (she weighs 19 pounds)...and he's just a little guy! Glad the hurricane didn't mess with you guys too much, though lots of people are still mopping up.