Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watching Irene

The Collies like every paw in Florida is watching Tropical Storm Irene.  We are hoping that Irene does not develop into a herricane and does not harmfully impact any hooman or paw.  We follow several sites during herricane season.  We mention the sites in our 16 August 2008 post which you can access by clicking on the following hyperlink "Orion Rising".

Projected Path of Irene
Dog Dad told us way back on 15 October 1999, he was living in Key West when the eye of Herricane Irene passed right over Key West at about 9 AM.  He lived in some apartments back then and did not have a dog to protect him.    Dog Dad's first was Herricane Georges way back on 25 September 1998.  He was living near Fort Lauderdale back then, about ten minutes away from Holmhaven where we were born.  That whole incident was very nerve wracking on Dog Dad. 

As for us, Sherman is doing well with potty training.  He follows Essex around the house and especially outside.  He becoming an awesome pup.  Tomorrow Dad goes back to work.  I know we will both miss having him home.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


rottrover said...

Our paws are crossed that Irene says, "Good Night" and just blows herself away...

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Bailey said...

Saying lots of doggy prayers that all of you stay safe.

Islay said...

Maybe it will stay behind cuba. Just listen to the dolphin network for any news - they're faster than the human network!


Dawn said...

Hoping Irene leaves you alone! DO you have a safe place to go if it comes toward you?

Shikota said...

Paws crossed! We think you are in the clear!

Mack said...

We saw the news and immediately thought of our key West buddies. Please oh please Irene do not turn into any thing more than some gentle rain!

Too bad dad's pawternity leave had to come to an end!

Diane said...

Let us know if you evacuate -mom says she will bring us to Orlando to see you guys if you do
Lady I and Lady II