Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Good Bye Trevor

Trevor, the collie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge around 10 AM, Tuesday, 26 June at home in his sleep.  Trevor lived a long full life with our cyber-paw pal Chuck in Michigan.  Chuck reminds of Albert Payson Terhune, because he raises, writes about and loves collies.  All this is very evident in his blog.
Dog Speed Trevor
In many ways Chuck reminds us of Lil at Holmhaven.  Both love the pups they bring into the world and love to hear about them after they leave to their new homes.  Trevor was a special collies and helped see Chuck through difficult times.  We know that having folks stop by helped Dog Dad a lot when our beloved Deacon crossed the bridge last year. 

Chuck is not part of DWB, but if want to leave o comment for him, click the following hyper-link, Collies of The Meadow.  This is the blog where Chuck and his pack can be reached.  The link takes you to a tribute to Trevor.  Like many of us, the collies are family and they never really leave; because there is fur-ever a paw print in your heart.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Dawn said...

oh dear. Heading over there now.

The Collies and Chuck :) said...

Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words and the link. We have had so much love and support from our friends online and it has been deeply appreciated.

The one thing I never realized is that Trevor had a huge impact on many people outside of our family....

We miss him terribly but we take great comfort that he passed peacefully at home and had lots of love till the end.

Again, thank you so much....

God Bless You!
The Collies and Chuck and if he were here... Trevor Forever... :)

Dianne SS said...

Very sad news. Our hearts go out to Chuck and his family. Trevor looks and sounds like he was a wonderful fellow.

Duffy and Dianne

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're sorry for the loss of your friend. He was a handsome collie and we're sure a very good friend to Chuck. We went by to the tribute page.

Amanda Lee said...

bye trevor,

may you meet lotsa of new pals over at the rainbow bridge

Chris and Ricky said...

So sorry to hear about Trevor -may he rest in peace.