Monday, June 18, 2012

Three on a Palm Frond

We all had good time at Angel Paws the last several days.  The weather has been pawsome, due to a grrreat breeze.  Sherman especially had a good time Friday playing with a palm frond.  Sherman was wondering if the old dogs tail from World War I is true.  Is Three on a Palm Frond bad luck or was it something else? 

Hey Look at This Cool Palm Frond
I've Got There Attention
Leo and Sherman Tugging
Is Three on a Frond Bad Luck?


rottrover said...

No. Just more fun, Sherman!

Bart and Ruby

Dianne SS said...

No, not bad luck!! Besides Sherman thought it belonged to him anyway!!

Dianne and Duffy

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

My goodness - sherman is a big boy now and I bet he can hold his own in a tug match

Asta said...

Leo and shewman

I don't think it's bad luck at all, but ummm, could you pleez come ovew wif that palm fwond and fan me? I coold use some of that bweez it's howwibly hot hewe this week and it's only June GWWWWWWWW

smoochie kisses

Bailey said...

Looks like fun not bad luck. We ran into a Collie owner this weekend with the most beautiful dog who had never seen Shelties before at a doggie fundraiser. It was fun having a chance to see the dogs interact and finally getting people to see the differences in the breeds.

Dawn said...

Very fun!!

Di said...

So cute!!