Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leo "Remember Key West"

It is always sad to see regulars leave our extended pack family.  Thursday, my bestest paw-pal, Leo left Key West with his pawrents and headed to the cooler temperatures of Maine.  He was a pawsome playmate and we would wrestle and chase each other all over Angle Paws Dog Park.  We enjoyed being around each other and when tired would lie right next to each other. 
I got you Sherman
Take Down Two Points Leo
Get Back Here Leo
Leo's Dad will be back in Key West for a couple months and then join the rest of the pack.  Both hooman and canine will miss Leo's pack. Leo, I hope you enjoy Maine but "Remember Key West."

Forever your chum



Dianne SS said...

Leo will have a big surprise when winter comes and that white stuff starts to fall!! Maybe you, Essex, and Dog Dad can go visit Leo one day!!

Dianne and Duffy

Sam said...

How sad! We hope you get a chance to travel north to visit!


Di said...

Aww, We miss you guys all paw much, I know Leo misses Sherman