Friday, August 24, 2012

Remembering Herricane Andrew

Let's take a trip in the WABAC Machine.  The dial is set back to 1992, the place Homestead, Florida.  (Great Great) Great GrandPa Rex (Holmaven Golden Rex) is only five years old.  (Great Great) Grand Pa Jason (Holmhaven King's Gold) and his brother Bobby are not even born yet.  People who read our early posts will remember the pawsome letters Great Uncle Bobby sent to Essex and Deacon.  As for our kindly Dog Dad, he is stationed half way across the world in South Korea.

(Great Great) Great GrandPa Rex
Hurricane Andrew from Wikipedia
Around 5 PM on 24 August 1992 Andrew decimated the city of Homestead, Florida.  In it's wake people died, the emergency services were maxed out.  Many pilots where Dad is stationed are worried about their family and friends living in Homestead.  Dog Dad wasn't overwhelmed with news coverage, as only CNN covered the story.  At the time it was the costliest Herricane of all time.  It was later surpassed by Katrina and Ivan.

When Dad moved to Florida in 1997, the damage from the Andrew was still visible in the city of Homestead.  He heard stories from co-workers.  Dog Dad has a great respect for the forces of mother nature.  He will not knowingly put the pack in harms way.  Tropical Storm Isaac promises to shake things up but we should be safe in our home.

We'll post tomorrow about Isaac.

Stay Safe and Dog Speed

Essex & Sherman


Sam said...

Please stay safe and let us know you are okay after it passes!


Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We will watching the weather and hoping is doesn't cause to much damage - stay safe Key West Collies!

Dawn said...

We are worried about you Dog Dad and pupsters. We hope you have left for safer ground.