Monday, August 6, 2012

Sherman's Report



I volunteered for the difficult mission of filling the hole in the heart left behind by the untimely Rainbow Bridge Crossing of my Uncle Deacon.  I chose this pack because I knew I could bring joy. 
Sherman T. Collie
The year has gone exceedingly well.  Great Auntie Essex has done an outstanding job of teaching me the way of the collie.  She will not let me join in fence patrol though.  So I play with the other dogs at Angel Paws. 
10 September 11 - Sherman & Essex
17 December 11 - At Rest
27 May 12 - Sitting for the Camera

I have engaged in a major campaign of face licking, nibbling, affection and overall silliness to bring joy to Dog Dad.  On days like Uncle Deacon's Barkday, Barkaverssary and Rainbow Bridge Crossing day there is sadness.  There is also love, timid smiles and thankfulness that I and Great Auntie Essex are there.  On other days the pack is happy and enjoys life.   
17 August 11 - Life Boat Drills
06 August 12 - Think I Need a New Life Saver
It is hard to believe that I have been a year with my Great Auntie and Dog Dad.  There have been many laughs, hugs, treats and love in my pack.   I received much praise and hugs today.  This mission can be written down as fully successful in the howled official record books of the Great Dane.
06 August 11 - Riding South to Key West
For the Howled Record Books

Dog Speed,

Sherman T. Collie


Dianne SS said...

What a lovely post Sherman! You have done Dog Dad, Great Auntie Essex, and dear Deacon, proud. You have brought love and fun and you are such a good boy!!!

Duffy and Dianne

Jake of Florida said...

We remember that day when we almost met. And it's still raining!!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We knew you would bring you own special and unique ways to help heal a wounded heart. It is the way of the collie after all!

Dawn said...

You did good Sherman. Very very good.

Collie222 said...

Your dad is lucky to have you little man! It's obvious that you bring him a lot of joy! Mission accomplished!

Kess And Her Mama said...

You are definitely doing what you were meant to! Glad you're bringing joy to your human :-)

StevieGrrrWonder said... doesn't seem like a year, but it is. Sherman is a silly & lovable boy. He's grown up big, and his bark will always resound in our hearts if not in our ears! ;-)