Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Empty Chair

Cyber-Paw pals, it is a rough day for Dog Dad today.  I have been doing my best to make him smile by giving him face licks.  He hugs me and gives a weak smile.  At times he looks at an empty chair, the one where Great Auntie Essex would watch the outside world from.  It is hard to believe she is gone.

An Empty Chair
This is would have been his 10th Bark-Aversary.  Ten years ago Dog Dad drove around three hours to Holmhaven to pick up Great Auntie Essex and then three hours back.  He loves me, but when he thinks about picking her up, all their years together and then the regular New Years Eve stuff memories just surge through him.  He thinks of the little puppy climbing up his arm as he drove away from Holmhaven.  He thinks of all the good times and bad.  Dog Dad is sentimental and misses Essex and Deacon.  It shows today on her Gotcha Day more strongly then when Auntie Essex crossed the bridge.  The memories are strong.

Essex Standing Guard from her Chair

Essex Resting
He tells me how all three of us were very special and excellent collies.  His love and sadness come through.  I wish I could lick it all away, but know I have to let the sadness run its' course today.
31 December 2009 - Deacon & Essex
Essex in Ohio

Dad just hugged me and lets me know I am doing  a good job.

Dog Speed,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

it just take times....it hurts the peeps so much when we have to leave them. It is the curse of being human because we live so much longer. Hopefully come spring there will a new friend for you both and the memories will continue

Chris and Ricky said...

Thinking of you dog-dad. I know how difficult it is. Go easy on yourself and it will hurt a little less as time goes on.

Jake of Florida said...

Sherman, Tell your dad that my mom is having her sad thoughts too, as it would have been Jake's 12th birthday tomorrow. But we are there to keep them smiling and happy, right? And next year we will both have new companions, God willing.

But none of us will forget your Essex and my Jakester !

xxxxx Just Harry

onecollie said...

It's ok to grieve , that's how us humans work through things, best to not keep it bottled up inside.
My heart goes out to you all on this sad day, maybe next year on this day there will be a new baby sitting in the chair , helping to heal the heart that is broken.
Happy New Year

Asta said...

I am so sowwy to heew dogdad 's heawt is huwting so much, but we undewstand..we leave big holes in heawts and it takes lots of time...Shewman , i know you awe a gweat comfowt to him and know how to make him smile and he loves you vewy much..someday he will huwt less and be able to just wemembew the good times. Mommi and Daddi just got home. It's 2:38 AM hewe and they missed chat. I'm so sowwy..i know Mommi wanted to say hewo and wish you a Happy New Yeaw along wif me
Smoochie kisses

Dianne SS said...

This made me cry--I feel so sad for Dog Dad, and understand how he feels. We love these dogs of ours so very much and there is an emptiness when they leave us. Sometimes even knowing that we will see them again, doesn't help much. We want them back with us now. The memories are bittersweet.

Collie hugs and wet nose kisses from Duffy and Lanny, and a cyber hug from me. Dianne

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure Auntie Essex is missing all of woo too!

I think she was with us fur the chat - I khould feel another set of paws there!

Happy TwentyFoURteen!


Jans Funny Farm said...

It's true, Sherman. Humans can grieve and love at the same time, so as much as Dog Dad loves you, he missed Essex and Deacon. It's great you are helping him through his sadness. We hope 2014 will be a good year for you and Dog Dad.

Andrea Kuska said...

It takes time for a heart to heal Sherman. You are doing a good job of comforting your Dog Dad. :)

Dawn said...

So sorry Dog Dad. Didn't know New Years Eve was Essex's gotcha day. She was a very special dog. Hugs.