Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Review

I wish all our cyber-paw pals a Barky New Year and hope every paw has good luck in 2014, "The Year of the Horse."  2013 had some good things for us but the bridge crossing of Great Auntie Essex in November will make this a sad year for me and Dog Dad.  I look forward to new adventures and await the arrival of a litter of tri-color Holmhaven puppies sometime this summer.  In the meanwhile I will continue to go to Angel Paws and do my best to keep Dog Dad happy. .

= = = = = = = = = = =

12 January – We read a post about a missing collie named Dixie and joined the Collies of the Meadow in barking the word in hope Dixie would join her family.  Unfortunately, Dixie is still missing and we hope she comes home this year.
Dixie Is Still Missing
18 January – Essex and I meet a Sir Oliver, a sable merle collie at Angel Paws Dog Park.  We are friends via cyber-paw space and from meeting them at the Dog Park.
Sir Oliver & Sherman Playing
30 January – A good news story out of Texas.  A lost Chihuahua is reunited with it’s owner after almost seven years. 

06 February – We receive news that a Holmhaven collie named Vixen is living in St. Augustine with Deacon’s first pawrents.
12 March – Stonewall comes to live with us.
Stonewall & Essex
27 March – We do a good deed and get two wandering Aussies into Angel Paws and then contact their hoomans.

Montana & Dakota at Angel Paws
15 April – Boston Marathon bombing.

23 April – We find out Interceptor no longer being made in the US.

25 May – X-Rays reveal Essex has bone spurs.

18 July – Dad accidently steps on Sherman’s paw.

05  August – Lassie of "TwoCollies and a Mutt" crosses the rainbow bridge.
01 September – Dogs With Blog is no more.  Together with the help of Anne, Blue, Skye; we manage to save the chat room.
DWB Never More
02 September – The grass in our front yard is stolen.

17 September – A new dog bed, that we actually use.
A New Bed
18 September – Our cyber-paw pal Jake crosses the bridge.
Jake the Weather Dog
21-24 September – Gunmen at shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya results in 72 hoomans dead.

25 September – We have new grass in the front yard.

01 October – The US Government shuts down.  Federal workers are furloughed.  

02 October – The big coconut tree by our house disappears.
The Coconut Tree is Gone
11 October – We switch to Merrick Dog Food.

13 October – Essex turns 10.
Essex Turns 10

08 November – Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines. Over 7500 people are either missing or dead.

15 November – Essex crosses the rainbow bridge.  We miss her but she will always be in our hearts.

16 November – The receive our copy of "The Lookout" and we see our article about the All Collie Drill Team.  We wait till Thanksgiving to post.  

20 November – A good news story.  A sheltie named Maggie is found in the rubble of her house two days after a tornado devastates her home in Washington, Illinois.

08 December – Our deck in the back yard is refurbished.

31 December – Our sheltie cyber-paw pals Reilly, Denny and their Mom star on their local TV news

   = = = = = = =
There was a lot that happened in 2013.  Great Auntie Essex's crossing of the bridge is the one that impacted us most.  I hope that 2014 has far more good things than bad.

Barky New Year,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

New year - new things....hopefully a new friend for you Sherman

Jake of Florida said...

Good recapitulation! Thank you for including my brother, Jake. I don't know what we'll do in hurry cane season without him. Maybe it will be like this year and we won't need a weather dog.

Wirey woof for a good 2014 with new furry pals.

Just Harry

Kess And Her Mama said...

Happy New Year! How wonderful to be able to reflect on the year that passed -both good and bad. May the new year bring you love, joy and lots of treats ;-)

Pippa Sheltie said...

Happy New Year Sherman and Dog Dad! It's been a year of ups and downs for you all this year, but I'm sure this year will be great. Imagine getting the grass stolen?!
Pippa :)

Jans Funny Farm said...

We understand it takes a long while to recover from the shock of losing a beloved pet. There was quite a bit of news for 2013. We noticed a while ago that DWB had disappeared but we didn't know when - or why. Last we'd heard, they weren't taking any more members but would let us know when they were. Then, poof, they were gone. It's good you were able to recover the chat room.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It was furry pawesome to chat as we welkhomed 2013 to TwentyFoURteen!


Bailey said...

We send our condolences. We missed the news about Essex.