Saturday, January 4, 2014

Collie Relatives Say Arrooo

One of the things about blogging is that Holmhaven Collie relatives contact us sometimes.

First there is Cousin Shiloh and my brudder Dakota.  They are busy taking care of their young hooman boy and playing.  They have been so busy that they have not posted in quite some time.  I can understand that because I would be swamped if I had a young hooman to watch.
Shiloh & Dakota Resting
Second there is Cousin Vixen.  She is doing well in St. Augustine.  She is watching over her two hoomans.  She sent me and Dog Dad an Essexmas card.  Essex had told me that her hoomans are really pawsome people.

The last relative, Brave Star is a longer story.  Back on 9 May a collie named Sparky crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Sparky had a long happy life and almost made it to 13 years old.  When he crossed he left behind his hooman, Tim, and the two cats (Greta Garbo and Bart Simpson).  All three of them were very lost without a collie to look after them.  Before you ask, Tim is not Lassie’s Timmy and I don’t think he ever fell in the well.  They searched cyber-paw space for a collie puppy.   
Well, the Great Dane guided them to our blog.  On 9 June the three wished me a Happy Barkday via this blog.  Then they e-barked us on 15 June that they had decided that a Holmhaven sable boy collie puppy was in their future.  The e-bark stated that this blog influenced their choice of Holmahaven.  Essex and I were stuned.  Tim contacted Lil and on 10 July a litter was whelped.  There were three boys but two already had a new home lined up.  Unfortunately, the third little boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge less than two weeks after birth. 

Tim and the cats were greatly saddened but were determined that a Holmahven Collie boy would adopt them.  Since they live close to Holmhaven, Tim decided to help Lil with our relatives.  He has been doing obedience training with them and has learned a lot from Lil.

After several dog moons a litter was whelped on 26 December.  There were three sable boys in that nine pup litter.  I tell you cyber paw pals, Tim was more excited than Great Auntie Essex was chasing an evil golf cart.  When Brave Star comes to live with them, it will be around nine months since Sparky crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We know Brave Star is going to a pawsome home.  Which one is Brave Star in the pawtograph, I haven't a clue.

Yule Collies - Born on 26 December
The Three Boys 02 January

There was a little tri-color girl whelped, but unfortunately she had decided to live in Texas.  Dog Dad and I will be waiting for a little tri-color girl that wants to come live with us.  The Great Dane willing that should be this summer.  It will be nice to have someone that speaks fluent collie and who I can teach the way of the collie.  

Dog Speed,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We'll darn...we saw the tri girl and thought she was coming home to you....oh we'll all good things to those that wait

Timothy said...

Thank you for the big mention in your blog. It brought tears to my eyes. Greta and Bart loved it too!! It seems like forever until he can come home with us, but I know the wait will be well worth it. We're shooting for February 20th. That will be when he turns 8 weeks. To the day... Thanks again. We always look forward to your blog posts.

Dianne SS said...

It's nice to have a chance to catch up with relatives!! That's a happy ending story for Tim--we are glad that a little collie boy will be making his home there!!

Duffy and Lanny

Kess And Her Mama said...

Exciting developments. Can't wait to see the puppy ;-)

Bailey said...

So sad to lose a long time family member, but how happy that you are a part of helping them connect to the next one.

Dawn said...

You never know how you will connect with someone through a blog. Good news that a little one is headed to Tim's. Your tri little girl will arrive when she's meant to. And what a lucky girl she will be!

Collie222 said...

We are all keeping our paws crossed that a little tri girl finds you soon!