Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

I hope every paw had a wonderful Memorial Day.  My pal Neo left for northern Florida Saturday Morning.  He is probably enjoying his new home.  I will miss playing with him.  As Great Auntie Essex used to tell me, pups come and go at Angel Paws.  Below are some pictures of us hanging out our last day together.
Hanging Out with Neo
I spent most of the time with Dog Dad supervising weekend projects.  Staining the deck finally is finished.  The stain is a water sealant and will help the wood survive the Florida sun.
Water Break
Dog Speed,



Bailey said...

Happy Memorial Day. We had a great weekend. Sorry your friend is moving. Like you we have to do lots of supervising when the parents are working outside.

Timothy said...

Hi Sherman, glad your Memorial Day was a good one! I got in a little trouble yesterday. While my dad was upstairs doing some housework, my teeth were bothering me and I couldn't help it, I chewed a softball size hole in our kitchen wall. I got all the way through and tore out a bunch of that fluffy insulation stuff. And I was very quiet about it too. Wow, my dad was very very upset with me. When he went out later to get stuff for fixin the hole, he made me stay in that awful, horrible, cell that he keeps in his bedroom. He told me I'd be spending a lot more time in there if he couldn't trust me to be a good boy and not eat the walls or chew the baseboards. Everyone says I'm growing very fast! We have been going to visit with my relatives several times a week and I get to run and play with all the big Collies. It's so much fun and it makes me very tired. I go to sleep in the car as soon as we start for home. Dad's going to take me to the dog park in a few minutes. It will our first time there. He's a little nervous about letting me play with the big dogs that we don't know but he promised we would give it a try. I hope we like it as much as you like your Angel Paws Park. Dad's calling me now and he's got my car harness so it's time to go. Oh yea, he wants me to tell you that Charm is looking good and he thinks Pal is the nicest Collie boy there. Pal got the first leg of his CD title on Saturday. Haven't heard how he did on Sunday. Paws crossed for some good news come July!!!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

E-gads! Is it even possible there's someone who writes longer notes than me here on the blog? I think Timothy stole my long-standing title! LOL ;-) I will say this: I've had my share of animal problems, but The Slickster has never chewed a hole in the wall...he just does irritating, obsessive/compulsive, mischievous things that make me wanna pull my hair out!

Glad u had a relaxing, safe, productive and all-around good Memorial Day weekend and got that deck sealed. In yur neck of the woods, the weather will rot the wood if the darn termites don't get to it first! Friends do come and go, especially in Key West, where there's so many transient military and civilian gov't workers. The good thing is that there's always more ppl to take their place later on down the road ;-)

Jans Funny Farm said...

What a shame your friend moved away. We hope a new friend shows up at the park.

Neo said...

Hi Sherman... I'm here in Pensacola, trying to settle down. I move like two times one was my Grandparents house then now I'm here with mom in our own house. So weird... trying to get comfy with all these move... Hoping to post some stuff again in my blog, I miss my pawfriends in KW specially you buddy... Mom, said she was teary eyed when she was petting you for the last time, I guess because you were my first friend since I was a pup... Just wishing you good health and more friends. Hope to see you someday... we'll never know right?! And Mom said she can't wait to see your new sis sometime this year.

Take care to you and your dad always.