Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thinking Of Deacon

I am busy trying to keep Dog Dad from thinking to much today.  So it is bark at Dad, put a cold nose in his side, try to get him to play with a ball day.  Why am I doing this?  Well, three years ago today Uncle Deacon crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Thinking to much causes Dog Dad to get misty-eyed and melon-collie.

Thinking of Uncle Deacon Today
I heard a lot about Uncle Deacon from Great Auntie Essex and the pups at Angel Paws.  He was a very popular.  I've done an excellent job keeping Dad happy and supporting him after the Rainbow Bridge crossings of two very good chums.  

Dog Dad gives me a smile and a big hug.  He tells me thanks for choosing him as my hooman.  As Dad would say, the only thing worse than having a dog cross the Rainbow Bridge is not having a dog in his life.

Dog Speed,



Bailey said...

I'm sure Dog Dad appreciates the extra loving today. While it is sad to lose a friend, it is such a gift to continue to share your life with a fur friend.

Jake of Florida said...

You're doing a great job,Sherman. You have big paws to fill and you're doing just the right thing, with nose nuzzles and paw pokes.

We all remember Deacon and sigh a huge sigh of remembrance for him.

Wirey love,

Just Harry and mom

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

that is so true - I got my first furbaby when I was 5 and have had them in my life ever since...I could not imagine not having a soft head and ears to rub

Dianne SS said...

You're a wonderful boy Sherman--we are sure you help Dog Dad so much on these sad days. We never forgot those we love.

Dianne, Duffy, and Lanny

Jans Funny Farm said...

Your dad is right. Keep up the good job.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Mr. Sherman, u r the best....thx for supporting dogdad when he needs it. His hooman family is far away and it literally takes days to get there by car. Our furry friends keep us company and offer unconditional love and great loyalty. Deacon was another great dog who I loved very much even though he was not my dog. He just had a way about him that was endearing. He was a good buddy and a friend, always happy to see me...and my treats! LOL ;-)

Dawn said...

We remember that day Sherman, it was a terrible terrible day. We were all so sad...still are. Deacon was a great dog and you're growing up to be the same.