Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Pawthers Day 2014

We hope all you Pawthers out there had a pawsome day.  When Dog Dad woke up this morning, I decided to give him a good face licking.  You should give your hoomans a good face licking off and on.
Happy Pawthers Days
Dad spent a lot of time with me.  We went to Angel Paws later in the day.  Four other pups visited today.  So I got to do some running and chasing.  There was an eleven month old Great Dane there.  Dad chuckled as I stayed close to him.

Dog Speed,



rottrover said...

Sherman, you are one handsome boy! Happy Pawthers Day to your dad!

Bart,a Ruby and Otto

StevieGrrrWonder said...

The Slickster decided to let me sleep-in today, but when I woke up he came over and stretched and immediately put his paw in my face. Sherman, glad u had other buddies at the park to play with...but that Great Dane was something else, huh??? ;-)

Bailey said...

Mom wasn't feeling to good so we spent much of the day taking care of her. It's lots of work sleeping on feet.

However, we did watch world cup soccor with Dad and we took him on a nice long walk. Dad's need exercise to stay healthy.