Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Chase - 17 June 1994

I jumped into the WABAC Machine all by myself and traveled back 20 years ago to 1994.  I got out in Bear, Delaware.  As I got out I saw a man that looked and smelled like Dog Dad, but the man is much thinner and his hair is dark. 

I slowly realize the man is a young Dog Dad.  I try to say hi, but Dog Dad just smiles at me.  He is busy visiting his friend Jim.  Dad and Jim, worked together, played racquetball and softball during the four years he lived in North Dakota.  The two of them sit down and turn on the TV.  On the TV a white Ford Bronco is driving down a road in California and is followed by police cars with flashing lights.  Dog Dad and Jim are mesmerized by the unfolding events.  I quietly slip back into the WABAC machine and come back home.

OJ - 1990
When I got back, I asked Dad about that car chase.  Dad smiles, then he tells me that twenty years ago that police were following OJ.  I give Dad a confused look.  He laughs and says, this OJ is not the cat that lives with our cyber-paw chum Skye, but a man that had played football with Buffalo.  He told me that in the months that followed many people in the United States followed the Court Room proceedings in California.  As we talked I could see that Dad had once admired this football player.  The events that unfolded after 17 June 1994 changed all that.

Dad tells me most people that lived in the United States will remember where they were when this happened.  After our talk Dog Dad comes over, gives me a hug and a kisses my forehead.  

Do you remember where you were?

Dog Speed,



Bailey said...

I remember the trial. It wasn't one of those events I associate with where I was at the time, though.

Dianne SS said...

Yes, I remember watching the chase--the white Ford bronco. Watched a lot of the trial and didn't agree with the verdict.


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Sherman, yur using the WABAC machine all by yourself? R u old enuf to drive already? Bowsers and barking Jehosephat!!! We all were skinny when we were younger and I'm getting more than just a few gray hairs these last few yrs. OJ Simpson and the white Ford Bronco car chase thru the streets of LA was just as astounding as it was unbelievable. I was in Guatemala getting ready to fly back home after a month of military vacation leave visiting my twin sister, who had just gotten outta The Peace Corps a couple yrs earlier. We had celebrated ou birthday, her twins' birthday....and then just a couple days later, I think the day before I got back home, the famous OJ Simpson white Ford Bronco car chase ensued. I told my sis that there had to be a mix-up and something else was happening and this was a misunderstanding and OJ would never do that. I said the Guatemalan news agencies need to learn how to report American news better. THEN I GOT HOME AND FOUND OUT IT WAS ALL EXACTLY AS THEY HAD REPORTED IT!!!! But listening to the chase being reported in Spanish and hearing my sister translate it was a bit different. You see, I lived in south central CA at the time, just 3 hrs from where it all happened, so it was on EVERY local channel at the time for days. So I certainly remember where I was and what I was doing when it happened, just like when Space Shuttle Challenger blew up (hint hint...a WABAC adventure should be planned for that as that could prove most interesting).

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Barking coincidences......I just posted on FB like 2 days ago to a pic my twin sis had posted of a pic of her twins' birthday when they were very young...I posted a memory about my visit, their birthday and then the OJ white Ford Bronco chase a couple days later.