Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sherman is Three

Dad woke up this morning, came over to me and started singing Happy Barkday.   Dog, oh Dog I have a nutty Dog Dad, but I love him.  I got extra treats today, a big hug and time at Angel Paws.  I played with a Golden Retriever mix named Buddy, who is visiting Key West.  We ran and played.  After he left a Beagle named Vegas came in.  She didn't play a lot, but we both did some sniffing.  I had a good day and enjoyed myself.  I liked the extra attention I got from Dog Dad.  Dad promised to make some Cheddar Collies this weekend for me.  Woof, Woof, Aroooo.
Sherman With His Barkday Presents
I had a picture taken with a pineapple from my yard.  I am told they taste good, but I think hoomans are nuts.
With a Pineapple from My Yard
One of Dad's friends had a young Border Collie pup named Gandalf adopt them.  I am sure Gandalf will provide them plenty of adventures and keep them busy.  That is what Border Collies do best.  He is only about eight weeks old, so it will be a little while before we can meet in pawson.
Gandalf the Border Collie
Dog Speed,




Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Happy Happy Birthday Shermie.....gosh 3 already - time does fly. Gandolf is so pretty - Mom says he could adopt her :)

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Sherman. How did you possibly get to be 3 already???

Gandolph is beautiful.

rottrover said...

Sherman!! We can't believe you're three already!! Happee Barkday, Buddy!!

Bart, Ruby and Otto

Neo said...

Happy Birthday, buddy! Hope you had a good one...

Dianne SS said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you Sherman!!! We are so glad that you had a great birthday!!

Duffy and Lanny

PS We love pineapple!!!

Timothy said...

Happy Birthday Sherman! Looks like you'll be having some fun with Gandalf when he grows up a little. Hope you have a new little sister to play with soon too... I saw Charm last night and even with just two weeks to go, it's hard to tell if she really is pregnant. Her last litter had 12 pups so she was showing a lot more at this point back then. Keeping all four paws crossed and dad is crossing his fingers and toes. Enjoy all those great treats and cheesie collies!!!

Jans Funny Farm said...

A belated happy birthday, Sherman.

Um, are you going to be getting a new little sister in the future?

We dogs LOVE pineapple.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Hey, Sherman, yur card is in the mail and u should get it Tues. Things r running a bit late here, lots to do esp cuz it's the first of the month and summer. BUT a very big extra special happy birthday to u. Enjoy the treats and cheddar collies especially. U look like u r having fun with that fav fruit after living in Hawaii for 3 yrs many barkmoons ago.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Sherman. I'm late as usual. Hope you had a wonderful day! Boy that Border Collie sure has beautiful blue eyes! He's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure when he grows up!

On a worrysome note...Bree is in the hospital, tell your dad to go over to the CowSpot dog site.