Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good Karma

Well, cyber-paw pals, Karma is helping me watch Dad for almost a week now.  Karma came over on 8 July while his hoomans traveled to some place called New Jersey to visit their pack.. I told Dad, I prefer a smelly Old Jersey over a New Jersey.  He smiled and shook his head.  Karma and I have been busy playing and wrestling inside the house, in the yard and at Angel Paws.  That makes Dad smile.
Me Looking Pawsome
My pals Tonk, Rue, Bella, Anna and Ellie have been at the park.  We chase around, sniff and have fun.  I can hear the thunder right now and don't want to eat.  While leaving Angel Paws with Anna and Ellie, we saw a water spot.  Dad said it was the first one he ever saw in Key West.  
Me and Rue
Me, Tonks and Anna
Dad is getting the house ready for Gemini.  We are both looking forward to having her come live with us.

Dog Speed,


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Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

counting down the days if the hard part - but at least you have someone to play with