Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tonks Has a Sister

It was a strange feeling when Tonks told me Sky was living with her.  I gave her a strange look and said that Skye was lived in Connecticut and was a very very happy husky.  Then I found out it was a different husky with a very similar name.  I was worried that there was some funny stuff in the water.
Sky Checks Out Angel Paws
Checking Out Park 
Sky and Karma Take A Break
Tonks told me Sky was okay.  After a few sniffs I was convinced that was true.  That pup is quick cyber paw pals.  There were several days of running and chasing.
Sherman, Skye, Tonks and Karma
Keeping an Eye on Karma
There was even some tug of war between Tonks and Karma.  We all went home and had a good nights sleep after meeting Sky.
Tonks and Karma Both Want That Frisbee
Tonks Just Sniffing
Hope everyone had a pawsome day.

Dog Speed,


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Dawn said...

I guess there's room in the world for two Skys, right? Glad you all had a good time together!