Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A December to Remember

Bowsers, we had to get on Dad to post.  Things have been hectic for him.  His job, our home, the collie-mobile and the Key West cough have left him wanting the world to slow down.  He hasn't even sent out cards out yet, because he has been bouncing around like a Jack Russel on a racquetball court.

At work he is going through resumes and doing a handful of projects he got at the last minute.  Your hoomans that work have probably went through that.  At home a leak in the flat roof went from bad to worse.  The good news there is that the roofers should take care of our roof the week after Essexmas.  (In our pack, we always refer to Christmas as Essexmas.)  

The collie-mobile had a check engine light go with a note about fuel fill inlet.  The collie-mobile went to the Ford Dealership to get looked at and then a week later was repaired. That was covered by a warranty, so no dog biscuits lost.  The dealer commented about having to fill the tires, two days later the low pressure for the tire light goes off.  The tire found a screw in the road, so off comes the tire and Dad takes it to Sears.  Happily, we had enough bonus points that the tire was fixed for free.  Then yesterday the tire light goes off, with tire pressure system light warning.  It went away the next day.  Dad thinks it is the spare tire.  He will put the regular tire on tomorrow.

Dad has the Key West cough.  A number of hoomans are coughing, no fever or sick feeling, just a persistent cough.  It is driving Dad nutty.  He going through Halls cough drops like a collie shedding fur.  He did bake Essexmas cookies during all of this.  He has more importantly taken us to the Dog Park, so we are happy.  Talk about cookies, Karma's hoomans gave us home made dog treats.  Bowsers, they were pawtastic.
Gemini Play Bows in Our Backyard
Gemini at Angel Paws 
Lots of Pups at Angel Paws 

Cookies from Karma
When Dad went to the vet to weigh Gemini on Tuesday, he met Ollie and his Mom.  He had not seen Ollie since 2009.  Ollie's Mom is now in a wheel chair.  Ollie's Mom though we were Essex and Deacon.  Dad introduced us both and told her both of them had crossed the bridge.  Dad was happy to see both of them. It brought back memories of Essex, Deacon and numerous paw pals that have left for new horizons. That brought a smile to his face.
2009 Pawtograph - Ollie and Deacon
We will write more later.  Right now we are trying to slow life down for Dad.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

these things all seem to happen at once and often at Christmas - hopefully all be well in collie world soon. Gemma is growing so fast now and looking beautiful - we would love to hear what kind of personality she is developing

StevieGrrrWonder said...

When it rains, it pours....enuf said!

Bailey said...

It can be a tough time of the year. Merry Christmas.