Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Slowing Down Time

We are slowing down time folks.  
Slowing Down Time
The collie mobile is running.  It only needed a new battery and the oil change was done the same time.  Praise be the Great Dane.  

The roofers arrived this afternoon.  They should be finished tomorrow afternoon.  Sure there will be more work to do, but having the roof fixed will be a major headache out of the way.  The next project, getting the ceiling fixed in the master bathroom.

Dad be doing his cards the next two days.  They will be late and knows his friends will understand.  This year things just went loopy.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini


StevieGrrrWonder said...

I think Gem brought u good luck :-) Wow, she's getting bigger. An all-around good pup!

Dawn said...

Glad things are getting a bit under control. One step at a time, right? Gem is sure getting big!

Jake of Florida said...

Slowing down time is good. Take a deep breath while you're at it!!!

Joan and Just Harry