Monday, December 7, 2015

Busy Colliedays and Remembering the Past

Things are hectic by us.  An idiot light in the collie-mobile is going to get fixed Wednesday.  We have a leak in the roof, that we have to get fixed.  Dad said it was going to be his Essexmas present to himself.  Hope it doesn't cut into our dog treats.
Red Resting at Angel Paws 
Sherman Barks, Gemini in the Background 
Angel Paws has busy and slow days.  Red has returned, but he is a lot grayer than last year. Gemini weighed in at 35 lbs on Saturday.  She sure has grown.  
Blue Tarp
As usual Dad had his moment of silence as he remembered Pearl Harbor.  We found some old songs from during WW II song by Carson Robison.  We thought many of you would enjoy listening to them.  Dad has been humming them most of the day.  

Last but not least is this spooky picture of Gemini. Egad, those eyes.  We will have to use that pawtograph for Collieween.
Spooky Gemini Picture
Dog Speed,

Sherman, Gemini & Dog Dad


Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

these things always seem to happen around Christmas

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Wowzers, those eyes r freaky. U sure Miss G's middle name isn't Cujo? LOL ;-)

Jans Funny Farm said...

Yikes! Those eyes are perfect for Halloween.

Sounds like life is busy but fun around your place. We've changed our diet for 30 days to eat Nude Food and Jan almost didn't let us post on it 'cause she didn't want us to use the N word.

Dawn said...

Stuff always breaks at the same time, right?! I almost thought, for a moment, that you guys had snow in that one picture of the two of you at the park. Then I remembered where you live! NO SNOW! :) :) :)

rottrover said...

Gemini, we've known for a while that you are SPECIAL. We don't want to make you angry!! Tell DogDad that at least he isn't looking forward to El Nino!! Whatever that is...

-Ruby and Otto

Collie222 said...

They sure look like they are related! Are they?