Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

To all a Barky New Year and best wishes for 2017 "The Year of the Rooster."  The year started out much less scary than 2016.  So lets look back at 2016.

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01 January - Sherman's Adventure

11 January - Red Crosses the Rainbow Bridge
Red - December 2014
14 January - Navy adopts Red's Family
15 January - A muddy Gemini
15 February - Truck stops for Gemini

19 February - Gemini is spayed.
Gemini Wearing the Cone with Sherman
22 February - Collie Home gets new fence.

03 March - Gemini returns to Angel Paws.

16-21 March - Miles and Copper stay over our house.

22 March - Terrorist attack in Brussels

16 April - Pope Francis visits refuge camp in Greece

12 May - We report some paw stole the Angel Paws Fence

17 May - We visit Angel Paws and it has a new green fence.
Checking Out Angel Paws New Fence
30 May - 10 June - A trip to Ohio
Gemini in a Pawfect Pawtograph
15 June - Alligator kills small boy at Walt Disney World in Florida

19 June - Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Championship

01 August - CDC announces travel warning to Miami, Florida due to Zika

19 August - Cassie crosses the Rainbow Bridge
01 October - Gandalf departs Key West to live in central Florida
04 October - Herricane Matthew and Screwworms

03 November - Indians lose World Series Game 7
Sherman is Sad the Tribe Lost
08 November - US Presidential Elections - We pray with Dad for the country

14 November - Super Moon
Super Moon
08 December - John Glenn Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

24 December - We have our first Oplatek Wafer
Oplatek Wafer


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Wow....lots happened in 2016. Lotta friends visited and others passed away...a trip to Ohio and a new park fence! Barking at a Supermoon like Ozzie (without biting a bat head off) and talking at midnight after eating a pink Polish wafer. We loved the pic of Gem with muddy paws, reminds us of Deacon during that Tropical Storm many years ago. HAVE A HAPPY, SAFE, HEALTHY AND DOGGONE ALL-AROUND OUTSTANDING NEW YEAR!!!!!

Collie222 said...

Ugh, sorry to hear you are sick too! Sounds like we fell victim to the same bug, right around the same time! I've spent the last 5 days resting, coughing, snuggling collies, coughing, sleeping, sneezing and coughing! Tomorrow I have to go back to work, my vacation is over and this flu/cold is still lingering. I hope you are feeling better soon with your collie Nurses!

Dawn said...

That was quite the year. We hope 2017 is much happier.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

FACTOID: A bit off-topic, but I just learned that Lassie was the first dog to be insured by pet insurance in the USA! :-)