Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Five Scent Dog

The school was having a raffle for border collie puppies. Dad pleaded with Grand Ma for some money to buy a chance, just one nickel, five scents pleeeezeeee. We still say a nickel only has one scent, but we digress. Grand Ma gave him a nickel; Dad would only have one ticket, while others had hundreds. The chances were a pawzillion to one. We know Dad is one in a pawzillion, so of course he got to take a little fur ball home. The cute little black and white fur ball that adopted Dad needed a name. One of Dad’s sisters suggested the name Pudgy, it stuck.

Well, any dog is a lot of responsibility for an eight year old and a border collie is a lot of dog for even for an adult human. As Pudgy grew he started taking Dad for a walk. While, Pudgy was Dad's dog, Grand Ma and Grand Paw, cared for him. Five months later Dad’s younger brother and sister were born. With babies around, it was decided to put Pudgy up for adoption. He needed a good home, with a fenced in yard and a lot of room One June day, Pudgy left with a man who owned such a place. Pudgy was sad to go and never saw Dad again, but it was for the best.

Dad entered a nomadic phase as an adult. This period lasted many dog moons and saw Dad live in more places that I have toes. Dad even lived in Asia and Central America. When this phase ended the Great Dane decided Dad deserved a second chance. The chance involved dog sitting for friends. First an amazing sable and white rough collie named Foxy visited for a month. Next, a wonderful dog named Nicky visited for two weeks. Both sent glowing reports to the Great Dane.

Dog sitting is a good way to for Dogs to find out if you have the right stuff. Dog people hate using a kennel, and rather have someone they trust watch us. Well, have to run. Time for our Sunday walk.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Kids and collies, hmmmm....I know us wires are too much for kids!

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