Thursday, June 28, 2007

Collies Support 10K

You can bet your dew claw if the Key West Collies sniff out something worth supporting they will bark out the word . The Perfect One, Tosca brought this to our attention. A most excellent friend of Tosca is doing the Dogs' Aye View 10K. Then a little birdie told us, that the Great Dane gave this four paws too!

The Mom of Opie and Gomer will provide the most excellent to gift to those of us in search of forever families:

- For every visitor during a ten day span (ending 6 July) their mom will donate 10 cents to the Friends For Life Animal Sanctuary, where she adopted Opie and Gomer.

  • - Donate 10 cents for everyone that post a comment to their blog ... about anything .. to Southwest Metro Animal Rescue, located in Chaska, Minn where Opie and Gomer Live.
  • - If you click on the purple button on the blog, their Mom will donate another 10 cents to some paw friendly charities.
  • - If you post a blurb on YOUR blog that tells everyone about the site and links back to then their Mom will donate a whole dollar.

If your human won't let you use the computer, the Key West Collies suggest the following steps.

  1. Stick your nose in some nice cold ice water.
  2. Stick that cold nose in the middle of the back of your favorite human.
  3. Keep that cold nose there until they support the Dogs' Aye View 10K. (Essex has done this when Dad is on the computer and it is dog park time, so this is a Key West Collie approved method.)
May your tail wag, your belly be full, and may you have a forever family to rub your tummy and scratch behind your ears.

Dog speed.

Essex & Deacon


TAPhillips said...

Collies Rock! You dogs are pawsome!
Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

(Dogmom wants to steal your version of the Irish "Dog" Blessing... can she, huh, can she?)

TAPhillips said...

We signed your guest book but our dufus dogmom put up the wrong picture (too small) and couldn't figure out how to change it!

Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

Key West Collies said...

If you ever wants to resign our guest book, so we have a glorious big picture of you, we can always delete the old entry. Feel free to use our collie dog blessing. Just remember, we are a lutefisk free. We shudder at the thought of relatives of the grey ghost, Mojo, coming over to torment us.