Sunday, June 24, 2007

Collie Herricane Binder

Hi, this is Deacon with important news for all our fans in cyber paw land. It is once again Hurricane season, the time of year to be prepared. Dad has a three ring binder with our medical history, pedigree, microchip paper work, printouts about raising dogs and information about collies.

That binder has come in mighty handy. There was the time Essex caught kennel cough while visiting Dad’s human family in Ohio. The animal doctor had all the information he needed. Dad takes the binder whenever we travel or evacuate.

Back in October 2005, storm surge waters from Herricane Wilma covered over 90% of the island. Essex lost some toys, her favorite couch and our house no longer has wall to wall carpeting. However, if anything happened Dad had all her paper work. Fellow dogs, you may want your Mom or Dad to make you a binder too. That way if you are far from home or have to evacuate for hurricanes like us, you can see a new doctor that can review all your important medical records. Dad is collie smart, but then again we trained him!

Dog Speed,


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PerfectTosca said...

WHoaaaaaaaaaa Himicanes! Mom says that's another reason she sold the home in Florida. You guys better stay safe or I'm gonna be biting my foot here!