Sunday, November 11, 2007

Armistice Day

Today is Veterans Day or as it used to be called Armistice Day. 11 November was chosen because the Great War (1914-1918) ended officially on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Many people and animals died during the Great War as have others before and since. Some dogs and horses died serving their humans, others were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dogs carried messages, sniffed out bombs, carried supplies, and helped guard prisoners to name a few things. We found pictures of British Farm Collies that acted as Mercy and Messenger Dogs. Mercy dogs were equipped with saddlebags of medical supplies, sought out the wounded and let the medic know they had found a wounded man. We provided a link in case you wanted to read about some various fore-pawthers that served during the Great War:
K-9 History: The Great War 1914-1918. Over 7,000 dogs went over the rainbow bridge during the war, though that total is probably low and many more followed after the war. The home page of that site covers much more than just the Great War if you're interested.

'Mercy Dogs' - British Farm Collies

British Farm Collie 'Mercy Dog'

British Farm Collie - 'Messenger Dog'

Both of our names are due to war. Deacon got his name because Dad’s father drove the chaplain around the front lines in Europe during WW II and was called Deacon Joe. Essex got her name because his college roommate’s father was an aviator aboard the carrier Essex during the Korean War. Dad has told us stories he remembers. Those his neighbor told about poison gas attacks during the Great War. His father about his time in training and in Europe during WW II. Dad lived a year in South Korea before we were born and various friend’s fathers talked of the Korean War. Friends served in Vietnam. Dad told us that war is like a dog fight, it is seldom good for either side, better avoided but unfortunately sometimes necessary. Today we remember those that served be they human, dog, horse, bird or other animal. We pray both for peace and our leaders to be wise.

Dog Speed

Essex and Deacon


TAPhillips said...

That is SOOOOO cool! 'Course, we kinda knew about that - but dogmom was clueless. Thanks for educating her!
Gomer & Opie

Orable & Charlie said...

HI Collies! What a splendid post you have put up! Those things always need to be said and said again, and perhaps the humans will learn from their loyal animals what they fail time and again to learn from their own folly! Truly a fantastic post.

My owner grew up reading Albert Payson Terhune and, being collies, I'm certain you are familiar with the great man. He wrote some very touching stories about dogs serving in the great war, namely the collie Bruce.

Love the pictures you've put up, too. We'll never forget any of them - we never do!


Jake of Florida said...

What a wonderful post on a day whose meaning most people now forget.

Now I think I'll use my grounded time to remember all the brave animals who served in the military!

Mom read Terhune when she was a pup herself. Gee whiz, we might have been collies!!


Pee ess: The collars and harnesses came from a vendor at a recent art show who is calling her company Key West Pets -- even though she is not from there.