Friday, November 9, 2007

Found - Cousin Howie

The paw of the Great Dane works in mysterious ways. A ray of sunshine contacted us yesterday to remind us that good things happen too. Cousin Howie was sniffing around cyber-paw space and decided to e-bark us. That makes our sixth relative found in cyber-paw space. We started barking, running in circles and made such a commotion that Dad rushed in to find out what was the matter. We pointed our noses to the screen to show him the e-bark from Howie. Dad gave us a warm hug, we kissed his face and we all started acting silly.

Howie had a similar story to Deacon in that he came back to Holmhaven. Howie had been living with a family in Naples, Florida. Things did not work out and he returned to Holmhaven. Eight month old Howie then decided to adopt Mary and her two sons. He was in the back of the room with all his relatives in between when he saw his Dog Mom and her sons walk in. The thought of a furever home made him bark and jump for joy. Dog Mom said “Please tell me Howie is not the one jumping.” The answer was “Yes.” They loved him immediately. The family was going through some rough times and Howie was just what it needed. Howie said goodbye to his relatives, got in the car and drove through Alligator Alley to his furever home a little over seven years ago. Howie just celebrated his eighth barkday on 13 September.

Howie is an excellent watch dog like Essex but not as reserved. He loves most everyone he meets. Howie especially loves his family, but barked us that collies are very few in his neighborhood. Like the two of us, he reminds his hoomans they are loved and helps them to keep their chins up when the chips are down. Dad said those qualities remind him of us.

We hope Howie stays in contact and welcome relatives and friends to e-bark us.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon

Holmhaven Majestic Mufasa, aka Lion King
But everyone knows him as Howie
The King relaxing


PerfectTosca said...

Wow! Another Collie! I mean we are rare in cyberspace. You found another cousin, cousins. How cool is that? Is Howie related to Perfect Me too?


If Howie is related, he is even more shirt tail than we are. We hope you have a sunny day up there cousin.