Saturday, November 3, 2007

Greetings From Kansas

Dear Great Niece and Great Great Nephew,

It sure looks like you two have been having fun and excitement. That trip to Ohio looked like fun, especially meeting all those other Collies. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you two having so much fun. I'm glad Noel only gave you guys a steady wind during Collieween, it caused a lot of problems other places.

I still use my wheels to get around and think about you two. I know Essex is glad to have you around Deacon. While Dog Dads and Moms are great, they are not quite the same as having another four footed friend around. Hoomans just are not as fast and don't understand the joys of a good sniff or a tree.

Things are starting to cool off here in Kansas. Here is a picture of me enjoying a picnic. It will be hard to want to eat outside when winter comes to Kansas. You two young pups be safe and stay in touch.

Woofs and Sniffs

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby

Having a picnic and enjoying life

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Orable & Charlie said...

Hi Essex & Deacon! Thanks for stopping by my blog & signing my book! You have a great blog - my owner is having a lot of fun reading the things you two get up to! By the way, you two are beautiful (of course you are, you're collies!)

If it's okay with you, I would like to add your blog to my links, but it might take me a few days - I'm nearly 14 in humans years, so I am a bit slow on the computer!

Licks & Slobbers