Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deacon - Then & Now

Aooooozaaa cyber-paw pals, it is my Now & Then turn. I was barked on 12 July 2006 at Holmhaven Collies. That September I left my litter mates and moved into a good home in St. Augustine, Florida with two ladies and who named me Laddie. As a puppy I was a very excitable and would jump on people. The one lady was elderly and due to that habit, I was sadly returned to Holmhaven in late November.

Well, Auntie Essex had been writing favorable reports and convinced Dad to get a second collie. Dad saw my picture and contacted Lil at Holmhaven Collies on 22 November. Lil told him a guy was stopping by to look at me the next day. Well on 23 November, the guy came and I went home with him. Amazingly, the very next day I was back at Holmhaven, something about their dog just crossed the rainbow bridge and they emotionally couldn’t handle another dog so soon. Lil called Dad, who was like a puppy with a new chew toy. He quickly made plans to pick me up on 10 December, which was his next scheduled trip to Miami. On 10 December I met Dad and Auntie Essex, who reunited with her Holmhaven relatives and of course her litter mate and my father Buddy.

Dad, Auntie Essex and me liked each other from the start. Dad decided to rename because the name Laddie reminded him of an episode of the TV show The Simpsons. In that episode Bart trades in his dog, Santa’s Little Helper, for the TV Collie icon Laddie. Dad didn’t want a name reminding him of The Simpsons. I was renamed Deacon, which I think is pawtastic. When I first came to Key West I was a couple pounds lighter then Auntie Essex. Now I am 30 lbs heavier. To tell the truth cyber-paw pals, I was getting worried if I would ever find a furever home. Well, here are my now and then pictures.

Dog Speed --- Deacon

Four months old and looking for a new home

December 2006 - At Angel Paws

December 2006 - On the run with Auntie Essex

12 July 2007 - Celebrating my first barkday

September 2007 - Chewing a stick in Northern Ohio


Pacco de Mongrel said...

u sure grown up to be a magnificient collie

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Collies,

You sure are beautiful dogs. Mom always talks about you as though she knows you both. She loves us wires, but thinks you two are pretty cool as well.

We loved the pictures of then and now -- and are sure you help your Dad break the ice when you meet new folks.


Jake and Just Harry

Gengar99 said...

He reminds me of my "Magic Dog".

Beatiful dog, congratulations!