Friday, October 19, 2007

Essex - Then & Now

Tosca barked a mass tagathon for then and now pictures. Deacon and I decided to break it into two parts with me going first. I was barked on 13 October 2003 and the Great Dane decided I should adopted Dad on 31 December 2003. I was the last of my litter to leave Holmhaven. I've taken care of Dad when he was sick, kept him sane after Herricane Wilma drowned the Keys and I introduce him to all kinds of people. Dad says that I made it easier for people to approach him and talk. You can tell we love each other and he takes care of us. We go on morning walks, spend evenings at Angel Paws Dog Park and we keep him company in the evenings. We get some treats but he doesn't over do it. I am convinced Dad is a Collie kind of guy. Here are my pictures.

Dog Speed --- Essex

My Holmhaven puppy picture
I am about eight weeks old

January 2004 - God's dog toy - a coconut

January 2004 - Collie First Class Essex reporting for duty

June 2004 - Posing for a picture with a stick

My first birthday - October 2004

April 2005 - Taking it easy

December 2006 - With my nephew Deacon

October 2007 - Watching a Cleveland Browns
football game with Dad in Northern Ohio

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