Friday, October 26, 2007

Five Days to Collieween

A friend sent us these unknown Collies showing their Collieween Costumes. We just had to BOL at the fast food collies.

Trick or treat, we wish we had that choice. All of us dogs with blogs know it is trick then treat. Usually one little small piece for all that hard work. Gesh, but we digress.

Dad looks forward to Halloween because normally we go through over than ten bags of candy. Typically we have a one hundred, two hundred or more visitors. As for us collies, we will be relegated to the back room. I gets real barky and Dad doesn't want me to loose that wonderful Essex repeating bark. Deacon forgets his manners when he gets real excited; with all the little visitors Dad figures he would jump on the little ones and lick ever single face.
Fast Food Collies dressed for Collieween.
We can honestly say we don't know these Collies.

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