Friday, October 12, 2007

Essex's Barkday Tomorrow

We are in Statesboro, GA right now visiting our Daisy Mae, my Dad's niece, her husband and four kids. Daisy Mae adopted a them last year. We will be headed back home for my Barkday tomorrow. I sure am excited to be getting back home after three long weeks away. That will be the best present getting home for my Barkday.

I will be doing a post but it will be latter in the day, as we have another long twelve hour drive in front of us.

We miss our friends Clyde, Hattie, Cassie, Lady and Hans in Ohio and will miss Daisy Mae when we leave Georgia. However, it is like Toto barked in the Wizard of Oz "There is no place like home."

Dog Speed


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Mary-Margaret said...

Have a really great birfday. May you get lots and lots of treats!

Love, Mary-Margaret