Monday, October 15, 2007

Trip Photographs

Below are pictures from our trip. We had a fun but we are glad to be home. We met old friends Clyde and Hans. Clyde is around four years old. We stayed several days in Cincinnati, it was funny to see him dance and jump with joy when Deacon and I exited the car. Hans is seven years old that lives next door to Dad's parents. He was the first Collie I ever met in Ohio, he has a detached retina. That doesn't slow him down and stop him from playing.

There were new paw pals during this visit too. We spent plenty of time playing in the back yard of Cassi (two years old) and Hattie (eight years old). We had fun romping and playing in their yard. They told us about funny white stuff called snow and introduced Deacon to his first squirrel. Lady is a petite collie (three years old and 45 lbs); she visited us only on Five Collie Sunday. We stayed with Daisy Mae's family in Georgia for two days on our way back to the Keys. She is a female Golden Retriever that weighs around 50 lbs and is only a year old.

Essex appreciated everyone wishing her a Happy Barkday on 13 October.

Clyde on the lookout in Cincinnati

Clyde resting after a hard day of play

Our new friends Cassi and Hattie

Deacon, Essex, Hattie and Cassi

Cassi and Deacon exchange greetings

Taking a break from play.

Deacon being silly

Hattie and Deacon sleep while Dad watches baseball

Lady struts her stuff on five Collie Sunday

Five Collie Sunday - Cassi, Essex, Deacon, Hattie and Lady

Deacon meets Hans across the fence

Essex with goodies from the "Grateful Dog Bakery"
We went on Collie Day and got 10% off.

Essex and Dad's great nephew pose for a picture

Deacon and Daisy Mae at play.

Daisy Mae sits still for a momement


TAPhillips said...

Wow - that looks like fun. We have cousins, "Ginger," and "Izzy" that live in Cincinnati... did you see them? Ginger owns dogmom's sister and Izzy owns Uncle Matt (who is really dogmom's cousin).

Are you gonna sleep for three days like we did when we drove back with dogmom to Ohio?
Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

we enjoy ur pictures...n u really do had lotsa collie pals...

THE ZOO said...

ahhh its nice yoo haded a gud time and made new furriends.

PerfectTosca said...

Geeze!!! I never been to a Collie Convention before. I mean I can tell right off that I would like it!! You cousins sure are lucky! I mean I don't even KNOW another Collie! I'm biting my foot here!