Thursday, August 13, 2015

Angel Paws and an Update

Things have been hopping around Angel Paws lately.  One day there was twenty pups at the park another day nineteen.  A lot of chasing and hoomans watching their pups.  I need to get Dog Dad a little more camera happy.  It is tough when all the pups are running around though.
Getting a Drink at Angel Paws
Tonks Is Watching Something Interesting
Skye Looking Pawsome
We did go north to meet Gemini Saturday.  The drive north was okay, but the drive back was long due to an accident on route one between Florida City and Key Largo.  When we started to get near where I was born, Dad noticed I was excited.  Dad told me Great Auntie Essex got excited like that too.  We just remember the sights and smells.  We met some hoomans that Gemini's brudder is going to adopt as his family. I did a lot of exploring around the yard.  I even met one of the horses that was there when I was a puppy.

Dad and Lil talked while the four little collie girls introduced themselves.  After about a half hour Dad and Lil went inside Lil's home.  I remembered that place and made myself right at home.  All the other adult collies asked me how I was doing.  We found out the Teacher that  Essex's brudder Buddy adopted had a pup choosing her pack from Gemini's litter.  One of the adult pups is going to live with Uncle Deacon's first family.  That made Dad and I both smile because they are pawsome hoomans..

We tell you which pup is Gemini in a later post.  (We are waiting for the pups eye exams. There is a thing called collie eye, which pups will go blind from.)

Dog Speed,



Jans Funny Farm said...

Jan says her dog Terri used to sniff the air and know when we were close to somewhere we'd been before. She would fight to stay awake for the trip and then be wide awake with a familiar scent. She was evidently a great companion dog.

So you remember the place of your birth and will soon be getting a sister from there too. Old Home Week. :)

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

we hope all the tests come back clear and can't wait to see pics of Gemini

Dianne SS said...

Great fun for you to be able to go back to your first home, Sherman. We are getting excited to see which pup is Gemini!!

Duffy and Lanny

StevieGrrrWonder said...

What a pawtastic report! Glad u had a great time, Sherms. Can't wait until u make the big trip up there to pick her up and bring her home :-)

Dawn said...

How exciting! I'm sure you and Dog Dad had a lovely visit! It's good to go back and remember, isn't it! I'm so happy for you about your new addition. Can't wait to meet her!

Collie222 said...

Very excited for you!