Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vet Visit - 2015

Cyber-Paw pals I had my annual check up at the vets office today.  Doc said I was in pawsome shape and my teeth were really clean.  Dad thinks maybe the rib bones from the grocery store helped keep my teeth in pawsome shape.  I tested negative for parasites, which made Dad smile.  I weigh 79.3 lbs.

I was a bit timid at the vets office to Dad's surprise.  He had to get me started to go to the back room with the ladies.  They told him once I went back with them, I was pawsome.  Then when Doc was looking at me, I tried to get in the corner by Dad.  The thing I don't like about the annual vet visit is that I don't get to go to Angel Paws that day.  Doc tells Dad I should take it easy after getting my shots.  Doc said all of Dad's collies have had pawsome temperaments.  To which Dad remarked myself, Essex and Deacon were all related.

The last two days Angel Paws has been rocking.  Thursday there were 19 dogs at the park and the next there were 20.  It was a lot of fun chasing and barking.  Hopefully a lot of paws will be there Sunday.

We will hopefully be traveling up to Fort Lauderdale next weekend to visit Gemini.  That is all dependent on the weather.  I can't wait to smell the familiar surrounding of where I was born.  I wonder if the other pups there will remember me?  Gemini is still to young to leave her Mom.  Gemini will come back with us on 4 September.   Her first vet visit is scheduled for 8 September.  I will go with her for moral support.

Dog Speed,



Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

ssshhhh don't tell anyone but we might be coming down to Key West in December - we might be able to meet up at angel paws for a run :)

rottrover said...

Sherman, we all hide behind mom when we go to the vet - it's a really good way to get those tec people to give us treats - to lure us out!! BOL!!

_Otto and Ruby

StevieGrrrWonder said...

That's pawsome that u had a good vet checkup, Sherm! U weigh close to what Deacon did...u r a big boy now! :-) Equally as great is all the paws at the dog park these days. BUT what's super-psychedelic great is that u get to see the new pup and bring her home in a month! YIPEEEEE!!!!!! :-)